HBGary, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, And The Concept Of Openness

Recently I’ve been reading the excellent work by Jamais Cascio and thinking about the concept of "openness." Much of Jamais’ work is focused on geoengineering, but the concept of openness has profound implications on many fields, including computer security.

For those of you who have been following the unfolding story of HBGary Federal and the Anonymous Group, this is what Hollywood movies are made of. In fact, I don’t think a script writer could have penned this any better than the real life version. If you haven’t been following the minute details of this story, this Tech Herald article is an excellent read on how the whole thing started.

A condensed version of the events is as follows:

  1. A week before RSA 2011, the CEO of HBGary Federal, Aaron Barr, said in a Financial Times interview that his firm had infiltrated and discovered the identities of the high-level operatives for the well known Internet hacktivism group Anonymous, and that he planned to publicly discuss his findings at the RSA conference.
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