Ringing In The New Year With A Fresh Look At Software Requirements

via Mike Gilpin

It's a real pleasure for me to be able to bring you some insights that emerged from the Forrester Leadership Board's Application Development & Delivery Council during 2010. My colleague Julia Spencer, an Advisor to the council, has written up these insights, which I have pasted in below, but we are inviting you to enter the discussion as well. Thanks, Julia, for bringing us this wisdom and for helping us get a peek inside this exclusive community of application delivery leaders:

From Julia Spencer:

During 2010, the Forrester Leadership Boards’ (FLB) Application Development & Delivery Council (AD&D Council) tackled many issues, including that of defining and managing requirements for more-effective application delivery. As a Council Advisor, I receive many questions about requirements, such as “How do you define a quality requirement?” I’d like to share some best practices revealed during our Member Meetings in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Lisbon, Portugal, and our highly interactive CouncilTel (FLB group discussion) on software requirements.

I’d love your feedback: Which best practices have worked for you? What is missing from the list?

First: What are requirements, and why do they matter?

I have learned that the word “requirements” means different things to different people, and some struggle to define the word altogether.

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