Telepresence Is A Trend To Watch In 2011

In his report, “The Top 15 Technology Trends EA Should Watch: 2011 To 2013Gene Leganza names telepresence as a tech trend to watch.  42% of respondents to the August 2010 Tech Trends survey said telepresence would have a strong impact over the next two years.  Why?  Because telepresence deliver life like video across distances, making telepresence meetings as similar to live meetings as possible when participants can’t get together face to face – and in today’s economic situation companies continue to trim travel budgets and look for economies wherever they can.  Many clients I have spoken with have paid for their telepresence deployments in under a year, and others have touted significant business gains from being able to meet more often and more effectively  with a wider cross-section of experts, decision makers and other stakeholders.  With this significant value statement, telepresence seems like an obvious choice so why has it not taken off?  The answerer is simple and lies in Metcalf’s Law.

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