Wanna See Something Really Scary? Five Ways To Scare Your CIO This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get creative about how you can scare the pants off of the people in your IT organization. I’ve been attending a fair amount of CIO events recently, and in the spirit of Halloween I put together a few costumes that I can guarantee will keep your CIO up at night. 

  • A Storm Cloud. While “The Fog” might have scared your CIO in 1980, thirty years later it's the cloud that is scaring him. Despite all of the hype around "as-a-service technologies" over the past two years, Forrester has found 48% of IT decision makers still say they are “not interested” or “have no plans to adopt” software-as-a-service -- a number that rises for other cloud-based offerings. Why the lack of interest?  Security, integration, and lack of customization top the list of key SaaS concerns.  Yet, as the cost savings and purchasing flexibility benefits becomes increasingly obvious, IT professionals know they have to get comfortable with their fears to reap the  benefits that cloud-based offerings provide. 
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Why Cloud Radically Changes The Face Of The Security Market

When does a shift create new market? When you have to develop new products, sell them to different people than before who serve different roles, have a different value proposition for your solutions, and they’re sold with different pricing and profitability models – well, that in my view is a different market.

Cloud represents such a disruption for security. And it’s going to be a $1.5 billion market by 2015. I discuss the nature of this trend and its implications in my latest report, “Security And The Cloud”.

Most of the discussion about cloud and security solutions has been about security SaaS: the delivery model for security shifting from on-premise to cloud-based. That’s missing the forest for the trees. Look at how the rest of IT (which is about 30 times the size of the security market) is moving to the cloud. What does that mean in terms of how we secure these systems, applications, and data? The report details how the security market will change to address this challenge and what we’re seeing of that today.

Vendors have finally started to come to market with solutions, though as you’ll see from the report, we’re still at the early stages with far more to go. And developing solutions for cloud environments requires a lot more than scaling up and supporting multi-tenancy. But heightened pressure by cloud customers and prospects is fueling the rapid evolution of solutions. How rapid and radical an evolution? By 2015, security will shift from being the #1 inhibitor of cloud to one of the top enablers and drivers of cloud services adoption.

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