The Crossroads Of Meaningless Clichés: The Key To Scoping MDM And Data Governance

The tech industry just wouldn’t be the same without conflicting acronyms, useless vendor “marketectures,” and the industry analyst bread and butter: buzzwords (Anyone interested in investing in my new company? It’s called “Social eWebCloud” Just make the checks out to cash!)

But my favorite weapon in the tech business leader’s armory is the overused and meaningless cliché. In reality, many of these clichés are simply metaphors that have been so overused that they lose their punch. I’m the first to admit, they are near impossible to avoid, and I use many of them time and time again. Why? Because they are familiar, and they can effectively help a speaker communicate a potentially complex idea in a simple, concise way. For example, which is easier to say?

  • “There are a large number of potential projects or deliverables we can consider for our organization, but if we attempt to do them all, we run the risk of overextending our budget and resources and in the end will not deliver effective business value.”

Or . . .

  • Don’t “boil the ocean”.
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IBM Buying Netezza, Sending Clear Shot Across Oracle’s Bow

IBM’s acquisition of Netezza was a must for both vendors if they wish to grow their shares of the data warehousing (DW) market. They have a common archrival, Oracle, that is fielding an increasingly formidable appliance-based product portfolio, threatening both vendors’ long-term positions in this dynamic market. This announcement comes the same week as the annual Oracle OpenWorld conference, and we await word this week from Larry Ellison, Mark Hurd, and company on how they intend to respond (and you better believe they will).

First, here are the facts we have so far on IBM’s acquisition of Netezza. Big Blue is buying the publicly traded Marlborough, Massachusetts-based pure play for $1.7 billion. The deal, which represents $27 a share, 9.8% over Friday’s closing price and a near 85% premium over its 3-month trading average—is set to close in the fourth quarter. Netezza was founded 10 years ago, has around 350 customers in all major vertical industries, and employs around 500 personnel. Netezza has extensive partnerships with complementary technology providers, including, most notably, with IBM, which provides the hardware underlying its TwinFin DW appliances.

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What Is An "Unconference"? Please Weigh In On Topic Choices.

At Forrester's Business Process And Application Delivery Forum, October 7 and 8 in National Harbor, MD , we are holding a session called an "unconference" in the Business Process content track (there is also an unconference for the Application Development and Delivery track).

What is an "unconference"? you may ask. It's a session where the attendees are the presenters.  Here is how the session is described on our event site:

"Unconferences are the coolest thing going in conferences, having taken a page out of the Web 2.0 and social networking world. Here’s how it works: Upon arriving at the Forum, attendees can vote for one of these three topics: 1) the future of packaged apps; 2) the future of BPM, or 3) the role of Social Computing in business processes. Once the winning topic is announced, then it’s your turn to sign up to speak at the session. Yes, that’s right — you are the speakers! Those passionate about the topic will each have 3 minutes to discuss the topic and offer a conclusion. It should be a lot of fun, quite democratic, and full of interesting points of view. "

We need your help, whether you have already signed up to attend, considering it, or just learning about the event. What we would like you to do is select the topic that you are most interested in discussing with your peers. It only takes a minute. Vote here:

From the online survey, we will identify the most popular topics and present them to attendees for final selection. Thanks for your help, hope to see you at the Forum.