Your Chance To Contribute: What Does Every Exec Need To Know About The Future Of eCommerce Technology?

I am busy polishing up my content for the Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago next week. My topic is a great one which I love to talk about: “What Does Every Exec Need To Know About The Future of eCommerce Technology”. In many ways this is an evolution of a piece of research I published last year which thankfully still enjoys some great readership: “The Future Of The eCommerce Platform”. I think this research is still very relevant today, and I would be just as pleased with it if we hit “publish” on it today. But of course many things have changed too; our industry does not stand still for a second.

So as I work on my presentation, I am thinking maybe I should cast a net and see what you, our well-informed and highly experienced readers, have to say about the future of eCommerce technology.

What do you wish your senior management knew? What do you wish your clients knew?

I look forward to hearing from you below, via email, or Twitter works too (if you think you can get this great idea of yours under 140 characters -- sounds like a challenge). I can be found @bkwalker. Ideas big and small are welcome, and I will be citing these great examples and ideas if I use them.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Chicago next week.

Thanks, Brian

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Windows 7 Tablets From Computex Don't Go Far Enough To Unseat iPad

As Apple announces it has sold more than 2 million iPads (no indication of US/global split), would-be competitors are unveiling their tablets at Computex in Taiwan. With so many products in the mix (and so few on the market), it can be hard for a product strategist to keep up with it all. So here’s Forrester’s quick guide to the tablets that are taking on Apple in the near future (note: this list doesn’t include devices that may have a tablet form factor but are primarily eBook readers, such as Acer’s planned 7” Android tablet. It also excludes tablets that are more rumor than reality. And I know just by putting together this list I will leave some off, and if that’s the case leave a comment and tell me which ones you think I should add. Okay, enough caveats!):

Tablet competitors to iPad: Archos, Asus, Dell, ExoPC, LG, MSI

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The Key To Sales Enablement Success Is To Focus On The Conversation

Why are sales and marketing professionals seemingly in a constant firefighting mode, moving from one fire drill to the next, one meeting to another? We are in the middle of a major transformation in the B2B sales model. Your company is caught between a rock and a hard place because your investors want to see accelerated growth and improved margins. However, your customers have the same pressures, and all have some form of enterprise-wide strategic procurement initiatives under way. Your goal: sell at a higher price. Their goal: buy only what they need at the lowest possible price. Something has to give.

In response to these tectonic forces, we find many companies have a variety of internal projects designed to combat the commoditization trend. Some common efforts include:

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