Do Your Value Propositions "Go To Eleven"?

In Rob Reiner’s 1984 “rockumentary,” This Is Spinal Tap, one of the main characters, Nigel Tufnel, proclaims that they are different than other bands because their amplifiers “go to ll.” (You have to watch this clip if you don't know what I am talking about).

What a perfect analog of how B2B companies are trying to differentiate themselves today. I have the opportunity to work with sales and marketing professionals on the topic of competitive preference, and here are some actual quotes from vendors about how they think they separate themselves from “other blokes”:

  • “But we are truly global and our competitors are not” – a managed services provider
  • “We are much more scalable than them” – a software provider
  • “We deliver our services in the cloud” – a software-as-a-service provider

Translation? “These go to 11.”

You know the show MythBusters?

Forrester’s Sales Enablement team is testing the conventional wisdoms of sales and marketing by asking executive level buyers what they think. 

So, does “11” differentiate you? No.

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(R)Evolutions In Management Consulting

The next decade will represent the decade of management consulting innovation, as it's reached its local peak. Consulting service provider strategists are being forced to not only innovate their clients' businesses but their own businesses, too. Four trends are pushing service provider strategists to ignite innovation in 2010:

  • Convergence — of business and IT services markets. Service providers are looking for new routes to value for growing their business in their rapidly commoditizing markets. Because the business is becoming more and more intertwined with technology, and related decisions are moving up within client organizations, providers of all types are expanding their corresponding portfolios — either up or down the value chain — but with mixed success. However, this makes traditional provider labeling meaningless. Classical management consulting firms are eager to evolve their IT capabilities, accounting firms strive to be more than just another Big Four company, business and IT services players focus on new integrated services, and IT outsourcers are overhauling their business consulting units. At the same time, new entrants such as product vendors and cloud-native providers are entering the services market.

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