Could Cloud Computing Get Any More Confusing?


As someone who has been covering cloud computing since the dawn of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) I’m constantly in education mode about what is and isn’t cloud computing. To borrow an analogy from my Forrester colleague Ted Schadler’s keynote at last year’s IT Forum, the challenge is a lot like helping blind men discern an elephant through just the parts of the animal they can reach. One feels the trunk and declares it a cylindrical, yet hairy and warm snake. Blind monks discerning an elephant - WikipediaThe other calls it a strong, tough and deeply rooted tree upon feeling its hind leg. Each examiner brings their own experience and context to the challenge as well as their own judgments, then leaps to the conclusion that best fits their desires.

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Riding The Coming Wave Of Tech Industry Growth

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Tech is back! Just as our in-house economist Andy Bartels predicted, the first quarter numbers from the big tech vendors confirm that IT investment is on a growth trajectory again. Check out the recent Q1 numbers from Intel and IBM, for example.

And these results represent more than just a rebound from the nasty 2008-09 recession. We forecast that the IT industry is entering a multi-year period of innovation and growth, when spending growth on technology goods and services will be a substantial multiple of overall GDP growth in the US and around the world. Check out Andy’s latest forecasts here.

For more on the opportunities and challenges that the next wave of tech industry growth will present to vendor strategists, join us in Las Vegas later this month at Forrester’s flagship event, the IT Forum. We will be presenting our latest research on Smart Computing, the Personal Cloud, and the approaches that vendor strategists must take to stay in front of “the next big thing.” Hope to see you there!

Come Join The Sourcing & Vendor Management Analysts At IT Forum

Forrester’s IT Forum 2010 in Las Vegas (May 26-28) and in Lisbon (June 9-11) is around the corner, and our team is looking forward to the opportunity to share our latest experiences, research insights, and strategies for maximizing the value of your technology and vendor investments.

The theme this year is "The Business Technology Transformation: Making It Real." As firms embark on the transformation from IT to BT, sourcing and vendor management professionals must assume new roles. They must help the business understand key technology trends and the trade-offs of new and legacy sourcing models. They play a crucial role in optimizing technology spend -- and in making sure their firms are taking advantage of newer models like SaaS and cloud services where it makes sense.

We’ve got a series of great sessions focused on sourcing and vendor management strategies for making BT work across major areas of technology investment in applications, infrastructure, services, and telco. The sessions include:

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Come Join Us At IT Forum 2010 In The Application Development & Delivery Track!

How many times have you sat through a long application delivery management meeting and wondered, “Does it really have to be this complex? Aren’t we making this harder than it needs to be?” Well, it can be simpler, and many Forrester clients have been working with us to find a simpler approach. This frees development and delivery professionals to serve the business better, with more innovation and value.

How do they do it? They begin by getting requirements right the first time, with more effective business analysts and QA. They have learned how to scale Agile up across the organization and use Lean strategies to connect more closely with the business. They are improving business results with more strategic PMOs and more effective application portfolio rationalization. And they have built a world-class development team.

They also know how to deliver compelling user experiences and how to apply the latest advances in application technology, whether that is Java, DBMS and information management, integration, or Web development using SharePoint 2010.

If you’re interested in learning more strategies for improving business results, join us at Forrester’s IT Forum 2010 in Las Vegas, May 26-28, and hang out in the Application Development & Delivery track. Our team of experienced analysts is looking forward to another opportunity to share our latest experiences, research insights, and strategies for improving your application delivery effectiveness:

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IT Forum EMEA 2010: Lisbon, Here We Come!

The month of May is an extremely busy time at Forrester as we get ready to welcome hundreds of attendees to IT Forum US in Las Vegas (May 26-28) and IT Forum EMEA in Lisbon, Portugal (June 9-11). For the third year in a row, I have the pleasure of hosting IT Forum EMEA. Over the next few weeks, I will be previewing here, interviewing Forrester analysts and our industry speakers about the great ideas that they will be presenting at the Forum, and keeping you up-to-date on the event.

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