Please Join My Video Research Agenda

Over the past three years I have increased my analysis of the video communications market as our clients curiosity about video has mounted.  I would like to invite you to continue this video research agenda with me by sharing your best and worst video experiences, but first some background.

Three years ago I published a report titled “Videoconferencing Rises Again” in which I predicted a rise in adoption and utilization of video conferencing.  In researching this report, I heard a great deal about the ways in which video improved processes as diverse as corporate training, product development, and field force management – Volume of Forrester Client Inquireis realted to Busienss Videoand the various video solutions that best served these processes.  These processes were better served using a new breed of video solutions that relied on high definition resolution (codecs and displays), dependable IP-based networks, and intuitive user interfaces.  Since then video conferencing deployments and utilization have risen again- - like the phoenix rising from the ashes.   

These technological enablers have been supported by the remarkable adoption of video in consumer and social networking solutions, giving rise to a ‘video-native’ generation entering the workforce.  In short order, Forrester clients have taken note and the number of our clients who have inquired about business video has nearly doubled each year as shown in this graph from my most recent video report titled “How Tech Strategists Can Ride The Coming Tidal Wave Of Business Video.”

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