How Do You Keep Mass Influencers Engaged? An Example from TripAdvisor

In the Forrester report, Tapping The Entire Online Peer Influence Pyramid, we introduced the Mass Influencer, a category of online influencer comprised of people who create most of the peer impressions about about brands in social channels.  Although just 16 percent of the online population, Mass Influencers create 80 percent of all peer impressions about products and services.

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Why You Must Evaluate Owned Media

The media meltdown has been a major theme for the Consumer Product Strategy team at Forrester. We have of course covered its impact on traditional media companies (see my last blog post about the BBC’s latest strategy review, which elicited a response from a senior BBC exec). But just as importantly, the media meltdown — where digitization leads to the collapse of traditional business models based on controlling the distribution of inherently scarce content — is creating challenges and opportunities for non-media companies, too.


As I wrote in a report last year, We Are All Media Companies Now. Every company, every brand, every organization now creates and controls content on its own Web site, for example , to address its own audience directly. But not all get it right. Engaging an audience with content requires skill sets which many non-media companies do not yet possess. The reality is that we are all content strategists now, too.

For non-media companies using content directly to engage consumers, the barriers to entry have never been lower, but with so many Web sites competing for eyeballs, the competition has never been fiercer. While "paid" media remains vital to marketers and strategists, "owned" media — content created to engage directly with their consumers — is an increasingly important tool and part of a wider content strategy.

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The Data Digest: How European Teens Consume Media

Understanding teenage behavior is an eternal challenge, not only for parents but also for content providers and product managers trying to engage them. Our Technographics research shows that European teens combine two great passions online: enjoying content such as music, video, and video gaming and communicating with friends.

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B2B Interactive Marketing Spending To Hit $4.8 Billion by 2014

Forrester’s five year forecast of B2B interactive marketing spending has gone live on the Forrester site. This report marks the beginning of a chain of research for interactive marketing professionals at B2B companies. It should be no surprise that B2B interactive marketing spending continues to grow – and quickly at that. We project B2B interactive marketing spending to hit $4.8 billion in 2014, over double an estimated $2.3 billion in 2009.

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Online Testing and Targeting Platforms - We want your input!

Greetings from beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, where I'm at the 2010 Omniture Summit. It's been a good week, I must say that my favorite part has been the opportunity to meet with so many web analytics practitioners, friends, Forrester clients and the Omniture team.  If you didn't attend but are interested in getting a feel for the event, check out the Twitter hashtag, #omtrsummit.

I am pleased to announce that this week we are initiating the research process for the inaugural Forrester Wave™ evaluation of Online Testing and Targeting platforms.  We plan to publish this Wave report in the third quarter of 2010. Upon completion this research will be distributed to senior marketing executives at hundreds of large marketing organizations globally.

The first phase of the process is to determine the field of vendors who comprise the Online Testing and Targeting landscape.  We have already identified and contacted a number of companies who participate in the market via previous research efforts.

Forrester is actively innovating our use of social media, and this extends to the research process.  I would like to solicit your input through two modes of participation:

1. If you are a practitioner, please share which Online Testing and Targeting vendors you currently or have previously used.  Also please let me know if you would be interested in receiving followup communications to discuss your experiences with vendors and online testing in general.

2. If you represent a vendor in the Online Testing and Targeting space and would like to be considered for inclusion in the Wave report please let me know and we'll send you  our preliminary vendor survey to complete and submit.

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Live from the Omniture Summit: The New Principles of A Successful CMO

Coming to you live this morning from the kick off keynote of the Adobe (nee Omniture) Summit in Salt Lake City.  And I'm pleased to report that so far the event is as thumping and hued in neon green as in years past. 

A nice change from past summits: Instead of discussing developments to Omniture's online marketig technology, today's Omniture keynote by Josh James is themed around "The New Principles Of A Successful CMO."  These are Josh's principles for how marketing execs can succeed.

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Is mobile really *that* big a deal?

**Correction: Actually, we forecast that direct mail will be at about $67 billion by 2012.  So to my comment below, the astronomical forecast of mobile at $20 billion would be closer to a third, not a half of dm spend by 2012. >Both Josh James and Shantanu Narayen, the CEO of Adobe mentioned mobile in their keynote presentations and now I'm listening to RIM also talk about the power of the mobile browser.

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Adobe On Its Way To Being A Role Model For Interactive Marketers

I just had a one on one with Adobe CMO, Ann Lewnes, a power house of interactive marketing energy for the combined Adobe/Omniture companies.

In her words, "Adobe's goal is to be the site role model of what the combined Adobe/Omniture suite of products can bring to any marketer's site."

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How Many Chris Moyles is 6 Music Worth?

One of the most emotive aspects of the proposed BBC cuts (see Nick Thomas' post for more detail) is the closure of niche digital music radio channel 6 Music.  Without getting too caught up in the emotionally charged arguments (or the theory that it could be part of a BBC conspiracy) it is interesting to consider the scale of budgets in play.


Nick's post yesterday made a very important point that the proposed cut backs in digital programming and online represent a tiny fraction of the budgets currently allocated for TV.  Indeed when you compare the likely savings associated with closing 6 Music compared to the salaries of some of the BBC's key presenter talent (see graphic below) you get an interesting sense of where priorities lie.

(The answer to the question in the title by the way is 9.5).

Hispanics’ Use Of Social Media – Is It The New Mainstream?

It’s been almost 18 months since I wrote Hispanic Social Technographics Revealed, which highlighted this consumer segment’s very strong inroads using social media of all types. And in that time, the volume around how, why, and when companies should use social media has grown even louder. Likewise, Hispanics' engagement in social media has grown.

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