Podcast: Challenges For Process Professionals Leading Process Initiatives In 2010

Our latest featured podcast is Clay Richardson's "Challenges For Process Professionals Leading Process Initiatives In 2010".

In this podcast, BP&A Senior Analyst Clay Richardson walks through five key challenges that process professionals need to address to be successful with business process management in 2010. Topics include lean principles and lean thinking, effectively connecting process initiatives with value drivers, the importance of data, and process based management.

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The Heretech, episode 34: Jonathan Penn on security

Forrester analyst Jonathan Penn describes nature of security threats, and how they affect tech industry company's product strategy. Will security ever not be in the top 3 IT concerns? Does that represent an opportunity for security start-ups, or not? Plus, newly-published research on the demographics of technology adoption, and the lessons of the movie Avatar for tech industry professionals. (c) 2010 Tom Grant