Frustrated with the eCommerce technology selection process? Tell us about it!

Often we hear that the eCommerce technology selection process is broken from both sides of the fence. The businesses that are selecting and investing in the technologies, as well as the vendors themselves, face the frustration of this process.

Our objective is to gain insights into the lessons-learned and best practices around eCommerce technology selection. We want to unearth what makes this a trying process and the success factors behind successful product and services selections.

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The Data Digest: How To Win Over European Online Shoppers

My colleague Zia Daniell Wigder published a report last year called 'How to win over European Online Shoppers' that gives tips on email and site design for success in seven different European markets.

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Participate In Our First Ever Australian Online Retailing Study!

Forrester just kicked-off our first-ever Australian Online Retailing Study. This survey looks at Australian online and multichannel retailers' organizations and topics relevant to the challenges currently facing their roles including:

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Seniors are a unique segment for online customer service

Using consumer data to challenge assumptions about how consumer segments will respond to various online customer service touch points is always interesting to me.

I’ve recently had an opportunity to the seniors (age 65+) and online customer service and found some interesting characteristics of the segment:

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