Trends in ETL Adoption

In this podcast, Rob discusses some of the preliminary findings from Forrester’s November 2009 Global ETL Online Survey. He also directs listeners to more of Forrester’s ETL research.


The State of PLM: A Tale of Two Markets

Roy discusses the current state of the PLM application market in wake of the recession. He reveals options long-term PLM customers have to maximize the value of their apps.


The Top Six Ways to Get Value From Your CRM Deployment

Bill highlights the top 6 ways that customers can get extra value from their CRM deployments in 2010, and also cautions on 4 pitfalls that can sink any CRM deployment.


Succession Planning, What It Is and Why It's Important

In this podcast, Claire discusses the flow of activities that need to surround effective succession planning. She also talks about the key benefits of having a sound succession strategy. The podcast finishes with 5 key recommendations.


Business Process Pros Hold the Key To Business Transformation (1)

Business Process Pros Hold the Key To Business Transformation (2)

In this podcast, Connie talks about the role of the process pro in Business Technology transformations.

Business Process Pros Hold The Key To Business Transformation (2).


The New Decade Of Advanced Analytics: Roll Over Rocket Scientists!

In his latest podcast, Jim discusses the increasing adoption of more user-friendly data mining tools. This trend, he argues, is helping advanced analytics become a core feature of operational business intelligence (BI) suites.!_021010.mp3