Apps Modernization - What are Your Top Priorities in 2010/11?

OK, so the holidays are over, you've either closed, or are in the process of closing out 2009 year-end processing. The 2010 decade has begun, and it promises momentous change before we see the end of it: Leading edge technologies will become commonplace; Still newer technologies will emerge; New business threats and opportunities will arise; And the impact of the Baby Boomer phenomenon will finally arrive.

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The Forrester 2010 Integration Alternatives Update Is Now Available

Our annual evaluation of application, process and data integration solutions is now available on our Web site; "2010 Update: Evaluating Integration Alternatives" by Forrester analysts Ken Vollmer, Rob Karel and Noel Yuhanna.

Here's the executive summary:

"Just as in 2009, technical innovation and merger and acquisition (M&A) activity have continued to have a significant impact on the integration space. The most common trend has been the expansion of existing

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It's Open Season In The Integration Space!

During the past month there has been a rash of acquisitions/mergers announced that will have a direct impact on many integration software and service providers. First let's look at the details.

IBM's announcement that it will acquire Lombardi tops the list with the highest potential customer impact. The IBM WebSphere stack is widely used and the Lombardi acquisition will provide stronger human-centric BPM features to what is already available to IBM customers. Look at Clay Richardson’s blog for more specifics on the IBM/Lombardi deal.

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Project Managers: Resolve To Evolve In The New Year!

I was catching up on my reading over the holidays and came across an intriguing article in my December issue of PM Network magazine. It began like this:

"As their role changes, project managers must acquire new skills - or risk being left behind. It's a whole new world out there for project managers..."

Hallelujah, I shouted! Having recently published research on the skills and capabilities of the next-generation project manager, I couldn't agree more. Changes to software delivery necessitate a reinvention of the project manager role. In the world of app dev, we're seeing that:

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Is Social CRM Going Mainstream?

A hot topic of debate among customer management and business process thought leaders right now is ascertaining the business value of "social CRM." Social technologies are proliferating rapidly and three-quarters of US online adults now use social technologies in some form. Cutting through all the hype, my clients are challenged to make hard decisions about the level of investment they should make in Social Computing technologies like blogs, wikis, forums, customer feedback tools, social networking sites, and customer community platforms. And they want to know how these new capabilities should be, and can be, integrated with their transactional CRM systems.

We have just published a summary of our research and define the seven steps to success for strategizing, selecting, and deploying social CRM solutions:

  1. Initiate social CRM experiments immediately. Define a near-term opportunity to apply social CRM ideas to a customer-facing challenge at your company. Build some practical experience that will break out of your of old mindsets. Refine your strategies later as new insights emerge. For example, 10 years ago, Electronic Arts recognized that could not cope with the anticipated tenfold increase in customer support inquiries as the result of launching large-scale online multiplayer games. No commercial solutions were available to help at the time, so Electronic Arts began experimenting and developing its own solutions. Trying new ideas and discarding the old, EA actively worked to gain hands-on experience by actively participating in the virtual worlds of its social game players.
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