VOTE: Does your cloud strategy factor in security concerns?

We all know that end user organizations have security concerns about cloud computing. But let’s put some numbers to that: according to our latest Enterprise And SMB Hardware Survey, North America And Europe, Q3 2009, fully half of organizations (49% of enterprises and 51% of SMBs) cited security and privacy concerns as their top reason for not adopting cloud computing. This means security is far more than just a concern; it’s a major inhibitor to growth.

Many of you vendors have incorporated cloud computing into your strategy, or are preparing to. In order to gauge how security factors into such plans across the tech industry, we’ve set up a poll on the Vendor Strategy home page within for vendors to take.

Please go to and answer the polling question under “You Vote. We Write.”

SAP Is Skydiving Into The Clouds

A brief reflection from the SAP Influencer Summit on SAP’s On-Demand strategy


At the SAP Influencer Summit in Boston Dec 8/9, SAP put a lot of emphasis on its new roadmap into cloud computing and how serious the company is taking the topic for its future success. Well, to be true SAP actually avoided the term ‘cloud’ almost entirely and talked about ‘on-demand’ solutions instead. Maybe the company stayed away from the term ‘cloud’ because there is still a lot of confusion in the market (or inside SAP?) what cloud computing actually is, or to simply differentiate from the masses that currently go ‘crazy in the cloud’. Anyways, to offer pay-by-use software applications via self-service over the web indeed is pure cloud computing and SAP has declared it to be a future focus area for the company when Jim Snabe said “… significant [SAP] investment into on-demand will disrupt the market and SAP will regain leadership in this space”.

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A Shift In Security & Risk Research

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