ATG Survey Reveals Important Detail About Online Chat and Click-to-Call Strategy

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On Wednesday, a few colleagues along with myself sat down for a briefing with ATG around their interactive help services (formally eStara). The primary purpose of the call was to review results from a recent survey ATG (see full survey) had conducted around interactive help. While much of the data I had seen before in previous surveys done by Forrester or other vendors, one piece stood out that I wanted to share.

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The Top Eight Customer Management Trends For 2010

William Band By William Band

As 2009 draws to a close, what are the key trends that customer management business process professionals need to pay attention to as you finalize your plans for next year?

Trend 1: Companies Return To Investing In Their Most Important Asset – Customers

Beginning in mid-2009, I have seen a strong up-tick in investment dollars being released by organizations intent on improving their customer management capabilities to capitalize on the economic up-turn. What are their key priorities? My most recent research shows that both B2B and B2C enterprises spotlight improved customer loyalty as their top goal. But, B2B companies are also intent on capturing new customers, while B2C companies obsess about improving the customer experience.

Trend 2: Social CRM Hype Reaches A Crescendo

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Social Network Analysis: Going to Become Too Ubiquitous for Its Own Good

James G. Kobielus By James Kobielus

Social networks are the future of online life, whether we like it or not. Before the end of the coming decade, relationships with everyone –including family, friends, colleagues, employers, merchants, suppliers, and government agencies—will hinge on your access to these parties, and theirs to you, through online communities of all shapes and sizes.

Social networks are becoming much more pervasive than today’s mass-market communities—such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—would lead you to believe. Before long, many will be embedded in the full range of business and personal applications. In ten years’ time, today’s social networks will have evolved into a powerful, seamless worldwide infrastructure for collaboration, sharing, interaction, and transactions. Many will be integral features of the mobile, broadband, and streaming media services that shape business and consumer life.

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