Lean: The New Business Technology Imperative

This podcast covers how process professionals and IT leaders need to apply lean thinking to maximize value and minimize waste across the organization. This podcast features a combination of three components that have a tremendous amount of power, including: Lean as a concept, Lean software, and a trend in forward looking organizations where information technology is shifting its focus to Business Technology.



Instrumenting Your Enterprise For Maximum Predictive Power

In this podcast, Jim will discuss how best to leverage your company’s predictive investments. He’ll also lay out a high level framework to assess your predictive analytics maturity.



Reviewing MDM Market Maturity

In this podcast , Rob will take listeners through some of the results from our August 2009 Global Master Data Management/Data Quality Online Survey.



Instrumenting Your Enterprise for Maximum Predictive Power

James G. Kobielus By James Kobielus

Business is all about placing bets and knowing if the odds are in your favor.

As I noted in my most recent Forrester report, business success depends on your company being able to visualize likely futures and take appropriate actions as soon as possible. You must be able to predict future scenarios well enough to prepare plans and deploy resources so that you can seize opportunities, neutralize threats, and mitigate risks.

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Service Oriented Analytics - Tapping Into The Predictive Smarts Of Your Entire Organization

In this podcast, Jim will define SOA, talk about best practices around its implementation, and discuss how BPA pros can achieve a greater SOA focus.



Informatica Evangelizes Its Increased Business Relevance With Latest Release

Rob Karel By Rob Karel

Last week Informatica announced the release of Informatica 9, its data integration/data management platform that continues to evolve its flagship PowerCenter and PowerExchange data integration and access technologies into a much more comprehensive data management platform going well beyond the scope of traditional, batch-oriented ETL that remains Informatica’s bread and butter.  

The three main themes Informatica has pitched for this release include:
- Pervasive Data Quality
- Business-IT Collaboration
- SOA-based Data Services

While these themes and capabilities - reusability, SOA-compatibility, real-time, business engagement - are not necessarily new to the broader data integration or data quality software markets, few organizations have been effectively able to execute on them.   For the purposes of this blog post, I’d like to focus a bit more on the DQ and business/IT collaboration parts of the announcement.

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Social Media Transforms Customer Service

In this podcast, Natalie reveals why it is important for customer service professionals to incorporate social media into the customer experience, and the impact of social media on customer service.