New US Internet Access Forecast Released

Greetings and salutations!

(Quick pop trivia quiz: What 1988 movie is that line from, and which current TV actor said it?  Answer below.)

Our new US Internet Access Forecast is complete, and I've just published a short report highlighting some of the key findings.  In particular:

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Pssst! Government can be, well, innovative

[Posted by Steven Noble]

Marketing and communication leaders usually turn to the likes of Zappos, Threadless and P&G — not government — for inspiration. Most of us have become so used to slow, boring and irrelevant government communication that we treat business and consumers as our only sources of innovation.

But it's time to dig deeper, because beneath the bureaucracy there are changes afoot in government communication — changes that should inspire every marketing or communication leader in any sector or nation worldwide.

In particular, I'm talking about government's use of digital media to consult with stakeholders about public policy. When researching my latest report, I learned there has been more than 100 examples of this in Australia alone so far.

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Guest Post: Michael Greene on How to Source Video Ad Creative

You may not know the name Michael Greene, but if you're a Forrester client or you read this blog regularly then you've certainly seen his work. As a researcher on our team, Michael produces some great research -- most notably on the topics of sponsorships and video advertising. Below, Michael shares his thoughts on one of our latest research topics, sourcing video creative:

Mgreene [Posted by Michael Greene.]

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Video Strategy: Evaluating the Online Video Platfoms

In our first two reports in the Video Strategy series, we have detailed how online video has moved beyond the exclusive domain of media and entertainment companies. From travel to financial web sites, video is now ubiquitous across the internet

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Should you believe everything you read in a blog?

By Peter O'Neill

Or ...Opalis NOT Acquired By Microsoft

We analysts always tend to want to be the first on the stage with impending news and blogs are a perfect medium for getting information out as quickly as possible. In fact, blogs can even sometimes be just a little ahead of the news it is predicting, and are sometimes held responsible for the said event. That is why financial analysts, when they blog, always disclose their portfolios in relation to the companies mentioned in the blog.

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The Data Digest: Trending Online Payment Preferences In Europe

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

Payment preferences still vary widely across European countries. Data from our European Technographics Retail, Customer Experience, And Travel Online Survey, Q3 2009 shows that payment patterns are partly determined by whether domestic debit cards can be used to shop online. In markets where debit cards work online, they are the most popular online payment method. In markets where debit cards don’t work online, online shoppers seek alternatives. Online payment services like PayPal are on the rise in Europe: 36% of online buyers regularly used PayPal in 2009 compared with 26% in 2006, while cash on delivery is used less.

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Case Study: The NHL Uses Tweet-Ups To Energize Its Fan Base And Reach New Audiences

Nate Elliott[Posted by Nate Elliott. Follow me on twitter.]

Yesterday we published a case study that I'm really excited about, covering how the NHL used tweet-ups to create excitement for the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs. The league worked with fans to organize a series of events that took place simultaneously around the world on the opening night of the playoffs. I had a chance to attend the tweet-up in Vancouver, and thought they were a great example of the power of both online and offline influence.

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Less Is More For

Sharvanboskirk [Posted by Shar VanBoskirk]

Last night Microsoft launched a new look and feel for to a limited number of consumers.  The new design will roll out to the mainstream in January.

Forrester got a sneak peak of the new-and-improved interface in October.

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Which online consumer trends will dominate 2010?

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

You are invited to attend a complimentary live Webinar with myself and Jacqueline Anderson on November 10, 11 a.m. EST on “Top 3 Online Consumer Trends to Watch in 2010”

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Assumption Personas (handle with care)


[Posted by Jonathan Browne]

About ten years ago, when Forrester was writing some of our early research on effective Web design, we noticed a pattern among leading companies. They told us they were finding it very helpful to use design personas - models of customers based on qualitative research into real customers, but presented as vivid stories about individuals (not segment descriptions). These tools enabled them to stay focused on the needs of their most important customers when designing online experiences.

Since then, design personas have become fairly mainstream design tools in North American companies, and increasingly common in Europe and Japan - not only for Web design, but across all channels. However, the quality of personas varies enormously from company to company. For example, I'm evaluating personas from UK interactive agencies at the moment and although some are clearly well researched, engaging, helpful to designers and believable, others seem to be mere stereotypes.

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