A Look at Next Week's Marketing Forum EMEA

By Zia Daniell Wigder

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Gearing Up For Forrester’s Marketing Forum EMEA 2009

How Industries Spend On Interactive Marketing

Sharvanboskirk [Posted by Shar VanBoskirk]

I dedicate this blog post to anyone who has read Forrester's interactive marketing forecast and thought, "well that's great, but how are interactive marketers in *my* industry spending on interactive tools." I've just published the US Interactive Marketing Forecast By Industry, 2009 to 2014 which splices our interactive marketing forecast by 12 different industries including:

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Palm Trend Tracker: a new interesting addition to market researchers’ ‘tool-box’

[posted by Olesia Klevchuk]

Although not the first online tracker, the free Palm Trend Tracker is definitely an interesting and useful addition to the mix. The tracker trends the buzz on Twitter and displays the top 30 tweets. At the same time these can be customised and allows you to see conversations on any topic you need.

The site displays the current and emerging trends on Twitter, real time tracking and the location of the tweets. The idea is simple – to let you know in advance of raising topics on Twitter.

The ability to track the emerging and available trends will be helpful for those who use Twitter to market their ideas, products or services. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look here: http://palmtrendtracker.com/

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If NBC Joins Comcast...

Davidcard[Posted by David Card]

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According to Ad Age's math, if Comcast buys NBC Universal, Comcast's advertising revenues would go from 7% of its total take to over 20%. Most of the potential synergies described in the piece could be done via thoughtful deals rather than by acquisition, and plenty of pundits don't like the potential combo. But think about how that increased importance of advertising might affect Comcast, and the industry.

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Apple Testing iPhones with RFID Chip--A New Dawn for Mobile Payments?

Ed Kountz [Posted by Ed Kountz]


Buzz in the mobile device world this week, as the Apple Insider reports that Apple is testing iPhones embedded with an RFID chip. As regular readers of my research know, such a step would open the iPhone up to contactless POS interactions, including the ability to make payments at the point of sale.  Read about it here  

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What Marketing Leaders Can Expect At Forrester’s Marketing Forum in London

David Cooperstein [Posted by David Cooperstein]

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Google Grabs AdMob To Push Further Into Mobile Advertising

[Posted by Neil Strother]

Google has just announced an all-stock deal to purchase mobile ad network AdMob for $750 million in a bid to solidify its position as the leader in mobile advertising.

By acquiring AdMob, the search giant gets a mobile ad network that has leveraged the power of the mobile Web and in-app advertising, particularly on the iPhone. Now, as more people adopt devices that mimic the iPhone experience (Androids, of course, as well as BlackBerrys, Palms, etc.), Google stands to gain from a growing audience that will be increasingly attractive to advertisers.

The deal also signals a shift in the landscape, and it will be interesting to see how competitors like Microsoft, Millennial Media, Quattro Wireless, among others, respond.

Big picture: mobile advertising remains a small fraction of the overall interactive marketing spend (see our forecast report if you are a Forrester client). Google, however, expects mobile to be a key growth driver in the coming years, and the acquisition of AdMob plays right into that strategy.

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Taking Digital Music To The Mainstream: The Music Product Features For The Living Room

What is interesting in the current scramble for the killer online music business model is that there is an implicit assumption that the only place people would want to go from the CD is online or mobile.  The iPod heralded a new paradigm in music consumption, but it has done little to counter the impact of the CD's terminal decline and may even have helped accelerate it.


As things currently stand, the mass market music consumer isn’t being catered to with any form of new product and the fight for these consumers’ living room is being lost.  It wasn't too long ago that the home hi-fi system was the flagship piece of living-room technology but over the past decade, living-room tech spending has shifted firmly to the TV while the aging home hi-fi system is either gathering dust or has been replaced by a docking station. (The latter of which is an awkward attempt to make a personal device a household device, and besides, the majority of households don’t even have one).


The time has come for new music products and experiences that cater for the mass market and that - for the non-tech savvy majority - bring the home music experience into the 21st century.  In our latest report ‘Taking Digital Music To The Mainstream: The Music Product Features For The Living Room’ Forrester puts forward a vision of what we think is needed. 


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The Frustration Of Market Researchers: Lack Of Action

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

Recently I did some interviews with consumer market researchers to better understand what’s on their minds. One of the issues that kept coming up in the conversations was around the lack of influence on the follow-up on research results. One person summed it up quite nicely: “We’ve done this great project, got valuable insights, delivered the results, discussed conclusions and possible actions, got lots of praise and then … nothing happens”. It was the biggest frustration across all researchers I've talked to: how can you make people act upon the research results?

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