Lessons from LEGO at Forrester’s Marketing Forum EMEA 2009

The Power Of Social Media - Lessons For Market Research

Tamara Barber [Posted by Tamara Barber]

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The mobile revolution is just getting started

I just presented the latest findings of a new research published "Mobile Technographics in Europe" to Forrester clients at our London Consumer Forum.

This report looks at the state of the European mobile market and at how consumers are using mobile services. We have created different profiles looking at how consumers are using their mobile phones in the different countries.

Over the past two years, the introduction of the iPhone has changed the way consumers and brands perceive mobile phones. It acted as a marketing catalyst, raising awareness of smarter devices and conveying the idea that there are as many mobile services as there are consumers. Consumers will continue to shift their attitudes toward mobile phones — perceiving them not only as communication tools but also increasingly as entertaining and productive devices that can help them in their daily lives. More than 40% of European consumers are beginning to demonstrate sophisticated usage of mobile services.

We expect this to grow over time led by the two most sophisticated group of users (SuperConnecteds and Entertainers). They will change the general perception of mobile phones:

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Rethinking Brand Management in the Digital Age

David Cooperstein [Posted by David Cooperstein]

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Yesterday afternoon at our London-based Marketing Forum for EMEA, I was able to witness the first live performance by Lisa Bradner (@lisabradner), unveiling the story behind her latest report, "Adaptive Brand Marketing" which highlights how the brand management function of yore needs to change in the face of the growing complexities brought on by new communications channels to, and from, the consumer. These challenges are both digital and global challenges, as are the solutions.

Here are some highlights from Lisa's presentation:

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On to day 2 of Forrester’s Marketing Forum EMEA

By Zia Daniell Wigder


Our events are well underway in London: We spent Monday with Forrester Leadership Board’s eBusiness Council, then on Tuesday the official Marketing Forum EMEA kicked off. You can follow some of the conversation live on our other blogs - I’ve also
summarized a few of the keynotes below.

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An eBusiness Guide To Surviving the Holidays: Keeping the Lights On

Bkw_small_headshot By Brian K. Walker

The holidays are now squarely upon us. While trying not to watch the Oregon State Beavers ransack my beloved Washington Huskies on television this weekend the holiday commercials were inescapable. And this was only November 16th.

For many online retail teams, however, it probably feels like they have been thinking about the holidays forever. For months they have been planning and developing the content; launching features on the site; planning marketing campaigns; meeting with managers of other channels; and working with their operations colleagues to ensure everything goes smoothly in the fulfillment centers and call centers.

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Five Strategies for Fighting the Recession

[Posted by Lisa Bradner]

At Forrester's EMEA Forum where David Cooperstein is presenting five things marketers can do to fight the recession.  David shares that Europeans remain pessimitstic about their financial future--although younger Europeans show more optimism than older ones. So, marketers still face trying to figure out if things have stabililized, if they're likely to get worse or if we truly are on an upswing that will lead consumers back.

David cites five things successful marketers are doing to survive the recession: According to David smart marketers:

1)Spend to align consumer interaction. At the height of the recession ING Bank invested 15 months.,more than five million Euros  and the time of 50 employees to integrate the ING and PostBank brands. They invested in channel syncronization & personalization in an effort that grew revenue, cut direct amail expenditures and  sped up campaign cycle times from 26 weeks to 4 weeks.

2) Change the game by changing the offer. Hyundai auto offers its customers 3 months worth of car payments if they lose their job after purchasing a new auto.

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Clarifying The Market Mix Modeling Landscape

In the process of developing my new coverage area: marketing measurement, I'm working on a report to clarify the market mix modeling landscape and give customer intelligence professionals a sense of where they can turn for help with these complex projects.

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The Future of Agencies: What Do You Think?

We’re in the process of pondering a very important question in the industry today: what is the future of agencies? Agencies have played such a crucial role in helping companies market their products and services for more than a century. Names like McCann Erickson, Young & Rubicam, J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy, and Saatchi & Saatchi (among others) are practically household names. There’s even a massively popular and critically acclaimed television show capturing life in the golden age of legendary agencies on Madison Avenue.

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Consumers' Favorite Online Brands

Davidcard[Posted by David Card]

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Google remains consumers' favorite online brand, with Yahoo! and Amazon
not far behind. In the minds of their fans, the top online brands
exhibit very traditional attributes such as trustworthiness,
helpfulness, and relevance, all at the expense of more-predictable
tech-friendly characteristics such as innovation and speed.


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