Globalization among the top 50 US online retailers

By Zia Daniell Wigder

The past week has seen two significant online retailers make
announcements about their global plans: last week Gap indicated its intention to
expand into Canada and the UK and yesterday launched sites for Canada, the UK,
France and Germany
, with Italy
and Spain
to come.

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Take The Conversation Offline At Forrester’s Chicago Tweetup

Are you attending Forrester's Consumer Forum 2009? Do you
live in the

Chicago area? Do you ever wonder who you are talking to on Twitter?

On October 26, the night before Forrester’s
Consumer Forum
, Forrester will be hosting an Chicago Tweetup. Tweetups are low-key social
events where Twitterers can network and meet the people they tweet with. Anyone
can attend; it is an informal atmosphere that allows casual conversations.

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Calling All Online Retailers! We Want To Hear From You!

Patti Freeman Evans [Posted by Patti Freeman Evans]

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When do you opt for your cell phone rather than your computer?

My answer to this question was, "never" until a couple of years ago. Sure, I was more likely to make a phone call on my cell phone than on my computer, but that is to be expected - it has traditionally been designed to be a voice communication device.

Opting for my cell phone rather than my laptop first started for me a couple of years ago. I began using SMS as a substitute for email. Then I started using email on my Blackberry because it would boot faster than my computer. Next came Google SMS - for me it was soooo much faster to get a phone number for a business through Google's SMS service than to call (ok, which costs money) or look online. Then, I got an iPhone and started downloading all kinds of applications. Some I barely use, but .... there are quite a few that I use rather than comparable experiences on the PC. These include Facebook (I'm more likely to be doing something interesting when I'm out and about), Scrabble (tallies the score for you), and maps (stopped printing all those maps out) among others.

For all of these services whereby I opt for my phone rather than my PC, I do so because the experience on the cell phone is more convenient. That means the benefits outweigh the inhibitors to use. When it comes to mobile services, there is convenience when there is value to the immediacy of the information or service, tasks are simple to execute and there is context - like my location.

We lay out this framework in our newly released report, "The Convenience Quotient of Mobile Services: A Facebook Case Study."

Experience The Data At Forrester's Consumer Forum 2009

We're hoping that you're getting as excited as we are about the upcoming Consumer Forum on October 27th and 28th in Chicago. Many attendees come back from the event raving about and asking for more information on our extensive consumer data that we highlight at the event and in our research. Here are some opportunities at the event to get more information on our data.

Forrester’s Consumer Forum Theater
Presentations highlight Forrester’s extensive
data capabilities. Forrester analysts will share highlights from our global
benchmark survey data, as well as our forecast data, examining
technology-driven trends in consumer behavior. These demonstrations will be
hosted in the International Ballroom at The Fairmont Chicago.

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Endeca and hybris Team Up To Form An eCommerce Suite: What It Means


by Brian K. Walker

Endeca Technologies and hybris have recently announced a joint product offering. This joint offering combines Endeca’s Information Access Platform (IAP) with hybris’ e-Commerce Suite including the hybris eCommerce platform and product information management (PIM) solution. Looks like this combined product will go by the name “Endeca Commerce Suite” in North America.

I recently had a chance to sit down for a briefing with the Endeca and hybris teams to discuss the joint offering and explore what it means for our clients. A few key takeaways and thoughts:

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