Can the Apple TV reinvent itself?

I was in the middle of an ICTC (my new acronym for InterContinental Telepresence Conference) when I got an urgent message from Brian Chen at Wired News. Without any announcement, it seems, Apple had cut the price of its 160 GB Apple TV to $229, dropping the smaller model altogether. What did this mean? 

I've been following the Apple TV since its announcement 2.5 years ago. I bought one of the first, and I spent hundreds of dollars on TV shows testing it (I have all the episodes of Battlestar Galactica, seasons 1, 2, 3; and you don't). That said, I haven't used the Apple TV in months, even after I hacked it using Boxee. It's because the Apple TV doesn't make watching top shows easy enough to compete with cable, Hulu, and Netflix. 

Brian wrote a very solid piece in Wired News yesterday, click here to see the article. He managed to get in a lot of the big picture points I raised, which is always hard to do since I go there so quickly and barely pause to breathe. The point is this: The Apple TV is on its way out.

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How the recession affects Europeans' online behavior

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

Due to the growth in Internet and broadband adoption in recent years and the increasing availability of easily accessible online content, we are seeing a change in the type of activities that European Internet users perform online.

Our Technographics data shows that although activities like sending email, using instant messaging, shopping, and researching products remain at the top of the popularity list, but peer-to-peer activities, such as watching videos from other online users and visiting social networking sites, are catching up fast.

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Intuit’s Real Challenge: Keeping Mint Fresh, Making It Relevant

[Posted by Emmett Higdon

Emmet-HigdonIntuit announced yesterday that it is purchasing online personal finance management (PFM) competitor for $170 million. On the surface, the marriage makes perfect sense. Synergy between the two should result in better PFM tools for both users and Quicken Online devotees. founder and CEO Aaron Patzer gushes in his blog that “by joining Intuit, we can accelerate our ability to add more fantastic new product functionality into both Quicken and”

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Twitter and Online Customer Service: Are Your Ears Burning?

Diane Clarkson [Posted by Diane Clarkson]


A recent analysis by PR firm Burson-Marsteller and Proof Digital Media found that more than half of Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter with two thirds of these companies using Twitter for some kind of customer service function.


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Lead Management Automation: Market Overview In The Works

Laura Ramos [Posted by Laura Ramos]

With economic recovery still distant, business marketers look to 2010
and wonder what’s in store. How do you do more with less resources is a
common question I hear from CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and marketing
directors with whom I speak daily. Modern marketing can not scale effectively without automation.

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Would You Buy Pre-Rolls For $1 Per Thousand?

Nate Elliott[Posted by Nate Elliott]

Ad Age ran a fascinating piece this week about how CPG giant Reckitt Benckiser shifted $20 million of their TV budget to pre-roll ads, and then relentlessly hammered publishers on price. According to Ad Age, Reckitt bought some pre-rolls for as little as $1 per thousand.

Granted, the economy is clearly taking its toll on in-stream ad prices. And big budgets always earn marketers volume discounts. But when you realize that even in this market most high-quality pre-roll inventory costs upwards of $30 per thousand, the prices Reckitt paid look incredibly low.

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How do you get my Mom to buy gadgets?

You have Oprah promote them and offer a special coupon. That's all. That's how my Mom learned about the Kindle. She was motivated by the offer and bought one.

T-Mobile is using this tactic with their HTC 3G myTouch device. See Fierce post.


CE companies should pay attention - women make a lot of buying decisions.

Motorola CLIQ Delights with Social Networking Capabilities

by Julie Ask

I had the opportunity to demo MOTOBLUR on the Motorola CLIQ last night. The device will be available later this year with T-Mobile. It’s been a while since I’ve demo’ed a phone and immediately wanted to take one home.

First, let me say, I was really impressed with the look of the UI. The presentation of the widgets and information had a bit of a whimsical feel to them that appealed to me. I didn’ t feel as if I were clicking my way through a grid or file format. The pop-up boxes were cute. The device allows you to put your most frequently contacts on the home screen as an icon with a small photo – I was really drawn to this feature. [Forrester has written some research on dynamic address books and friendly UI's within the context of mobile social networking. ]

Spent most of my time focused on the social networking aspects. There were a number of features I really liked.

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The Data Digest: What Drives eReader Uptake?

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

eReaders are hot. In the past year, the market for eReaders has finally taken off. Forrester estimates that by the end of 2009, the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader Digital Book hit the 1 million mark in combined US sales.

But what will drive mainstream adoption? Consumers want lower prices, more and cheaper content, and love to see in person how an eReader looks, feels, and reads.



The total cost of listening

Suresh Vittal [Posted by Suresh Vittal]

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