Wireless Net Neutrality ... Does it Make Any Sense?

US as Traffic Cop in Web Fight (see WSJ article)

Ok, so there is a bit of wait and see until Monday when the FCC Chairman makes the anticipated announcement, but here's a first take:

Who, I ask, is on the side of the consumer?  This WSJ article discusses how Obama is taking the side of Silicon Valley. Republicans seem to be taking the side of the carriers. WHO is on my side as a consumer?

Most consumers are NOT demanding the ability to stream unlimited video to their cell phones. In fact, very few are even looking for video capability in their next handset purchase. If you are a Forrester client, come ask me/us for the data - we can show you. Consumers are more interested in their battery lasting all day than streaming video ... which will kill it.

What consumers WANT from their wireless service providers is high quality, reliable voice services. Really, it is. We ask consumers year in and year out what it is they want in a wireless service provider. Quality of service and value always come out on top.

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Mobile Numbers Tell an Interesting Story

[Posted by Neil Strother]

Some interesting numbers you might have missed in the past few days. VeriSign said it delivered a record 94.8 billion mobile messages (SMS, MMS, A2P) worldwide in the second quarter, up more than 82% from the same quarter a year ago.

OK, but now the clincher: the company delivered nearly 179 billion messages globally in the first half of the year. To put this into perspective, that equates to 26 messages for every person on the planet (6.7 billion). Staggering.

Premium content (alerts, ringtones, voting, etc.) also rose, with premium SMS transactions growing 36% in the quarter compared to the second quarter of 2008, VeriSign said. Marketers continue to recognize that SMS is the most efficient way to reach a wide audience on mobile, something we pointed out in our recent report on best practices for mobile marketing. So, in spite of all the hype surrounding marketing via mobile applications - which we like, mind you - text messaging still delivers the reach.

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The Browser Wars Are Back! You Can’t Run Or Hide So Here’s What To Do

Harley-Manning_small [Posted by Harley Manning]


The customer experience team at Forrester is currently updating our Web site review methodology, which will get us to Version 8. I’ll write more about that in a subsequent post but I wanted to get it on the table (or in the blogosphere – pick your metaphor) by way of explaining why we’ve been looking at which version of what browser to use as our default for conducting research.


In trying to answer that question we had one of our Researchers – Rich Gans – talk to people at Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, and Google to get insight into where they’re going with their browser offerings and how they advise site developers to deal with the current landscape.

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Google's Big Week: Fast Flip Launches; reCAPTCHA Acquired; Lawsuit Heats Up

First, apologies for the radio silence--it's end of quarter here at Forrester, and I've been busy adding to shareholder value, etc.But I did want to add a quick comment on what's happened on the Google/publisher/eBook scene this week, as Google:


Launched the Fast Flip application. Google's launch of the Fast Flip application is an olive branch extended to publishers. For those of you who haven't used it, it's pretty cool: You search for a term, like "Kindle," and the results are presented as screenshots of major media publications (BusinessWeek, Fast Company, The Atlantic, NYTimes, Slate, etc.) that have covered the topic recently. You can read about a screen's worth, and flip to the next one by clicking the big arrows on the left or right, or click into the story to go to the publisher's web site and continue reading. Google shares ad revenue with publishers, and shows just enough content to encourage click-through to the publisher's site, where users see more ads.


Our take: For Google, the Fast Flip is an attempt to be a better partner to publishers. As much as publishers would like to think that Google needs them, only the reverse is true. But Google is starting to invest more in creating goodwill for publishers in the newspaper, magazine, and book sectors, and the Fast Flip is part of that effort.


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The Data Digest: A Global Look At Mobile Internet Adoption

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

Asian markets are leading the adoption of mobile Internet. Data from our global Technographics surveys shows that more than half of Japanese online consumers use mobile Internet at least once a month.

In Europe are the UK, the Netherlands, and Sweden topping the list with mobile Internet penetration reaching 16% of online consumers. Those who use mobile Internet are frequent users: Four in five mobile Internet users in the US, urban China, and Japan connect weekly.

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And the winner of MTV's VMAs is...Twitter!

I recently wrote about Social TV -- what we call it when people use social media like Facebook and Twitter to augment the TV experience. There were some doubters (there always are).

If you need proof that people are using social media to make TV more engaging, then look no further than this week's MTV VMA awards. Though everyone seemed to be talking about Kanye West, the real trendsetter of the evening was Twitter.

From the show's start to the finish, 1.3 million Tweets related to the VMAs were posted. The traffic to Twitter tripled during this rush. More interesting, the Twitter phenomenon was almost exclusively real-time, meaning that although there were another 700k posts that evening and into the next morning, but most of the heat came during the event as people in attendance and people watching reacted in real-time to what they were experiencing and feeling. 

This is the boon linear TV has been waiting for: imagine, a way to get people to watch TV at the same time as everyone else -- because if they don't, they'll miss the whole Tweet-party! That's what my Forrester report on Social TV was about, and I thank the VMA viewers for proving my point.

Oh, and yes, Taylor Swift totally deserved the award, this video is awesome; so sit down, KW. 

Netpromoter Scores In An International Context - Treat With Caution

Reineke Reitsma [Posted by Reineke Reitsma]

Yesterday I was in a meeting and suddenly the Netpromoter score passed by - after being buried for a while.

I have to confess that I have a somewhat troubled relationship with the Netpromoter score, it hasn't been treating me very well over the past couple of years. There was a time where Netpromoter scores were very important to me as they partly defined the success of the product I was managing and my scores weren't up to par with the rest of the organization. Was I really doing something wrong or was there another reason why the scores were lower? 

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Join us for a free webinar

(by Emily Riley)

I've been working a lot recently on what measurement means to the Interactive Marketer. In the midst of my Wave on attribution and as a result of a few surveys we've done recently, I've got a lot of amazing information swirling around me - insights on what works today and what will be possible tomorrow. I put some of that information into a presentation I'm giving tomorrow, and it's free to sign up. If you are interested in hearing more about what current and future measurent looks like, please join me on Thursday the 17th (as in tomorrow!) at 11 am EST (4pm GMT) for a Live Webinar ‘Measure ROI and Justify your Marketing Budget’.

Click here to register: http://www.forrester.com/Marketing/Campaign2/1,6538,2506,00.html

Omniture Aquisition Will Bring A Boost To Online Ad Measurement

Adobe Flexes Its Online Muscle and Acquires Omniture

John Lovett [Posted by John Lovett]

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