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Carrie-Johnson Posted by Carrie Johnson

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What financial service eBusiness execs will be saying in 2013

Brad_strothkamp [Posted by Brad Strothkamp}

There is a great article in the Las Vegas Journal based on a speech by Macy's CEO, Terry Lundgren, at this year's retail conference.

The gist of the speech is that he went from non-believer to a believer in the power of eBusiness as their online sales went from $30,000 in 1996 to over $1 billion today.

Everybody involved with eBusiness in financial services should read this article as it speaks to many of the questions financial service execs have about eBusiness including:

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The Age Old Question Financial Services Executives Ask

Brad_strothkamp [Posted by Brad Strothkamp}

Not a day goes by that I don’t get the following question from a client: How do I effectively cross-sell existing customers?

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Global trends at


By Zia Daniell Wigder

I just arrived back from a packed Annual Summit. Several of us
from Forrester took part in the conference, with Sucharita delivering a keynote
on day one and Patti interviewing eBay’s John Donahoe on day two.

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Wireless Net Neutrality ... Does it Make Any Sense?

US as Traffic Cop in Web Fight (see WSJ article)

Ok, so there is a bit of wait and see until Monday when the FCC Chairman makes the anticipated announcement, but here's a first take:

Who, I ask, is on the side of the consumer?  This WSJ article discusses how Obama is taking the side of Silicon Valley. Republicans seem to be taking the side of the carriers. WHO is on my side as a consumer?

Most consumers are NOT demanding the ability to stream unlimited video to their cell phones. In fact, very few are even looking for video capability in their next handset purchase. If you are a Forrester client, come ask me/us for the data - we can show you. Consumers are more interested in their battery lasting all day than streaming video ... which will kill it.

What consumers WANT from their wireless service providers is high quality, reliable voice services. Really, it is. We ask consumers year in and year out what it is they want in a wireless service provider. Quality of service and value always come out on top.

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Intuit’s Real Challenge: Keeping Mint Fresh, Making It Relevant

[Posted by Emmett Higdon

Emmet-HigdonIntuit announced yesterday that it is purchasing online personal finance management (PFM) competitor for $170 million. On the surface, the marriage makes perfect sense. Synergy between the two should result in better PFM tools for both users and Quicken Online devotees. founder and CEO Aaron Patzer gushes in his blog that “by joining Intuit, we can accelerate our ability to add more fantastic new product functionality into both Quicken and”

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Twitter and Online Customer Service: Are Your Ears Burning?

Diane Clarkson [Posted by Diane Clarkson]


A recent analysis by PR firm Burson-Marsteller and Proof Digital Media found that more than half of Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter with two thirds of these companies using Twitter for some kind of customer service function.


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How do you get my Mom to buy gadgets?

You have Oprah promote them and offer a special coupon. That's all. That's how my Mom learned about the Kindle. She was motivated by the offer and bought one.

T-Mobile is using this tactic with their HTC 3G myTouch device. See Fierce post.


CE companies should pay attention - women make a lot of buying decisions.

Motorola CLIQ Delights with Social Networking Capabilities

by Julie Ask

I had the opportunity to demo MOTOBLUR on the Motorola CLIQ last night. The device will be available later this year with T-Mobile. It’s been a while since I’ve demo’ed a phone and immediately wanted to take one home.

First, let me say, I was really impressed with the look of the UI. The presentation of the widgets and information had a bit of a whimsical feel to them that appealed to me. I didn’ t feel as if I were clicking my way through a grid or file format. The pop-up boxes were cute. The device allows you to put your most frequently contacts on the home screen as an icon with a small photo – I was really drawn to this feature. [Forrester has written some research on dynamic address books and friendly UI's within the context of mobile social networking. ]

Spent most of my time focused on the social networking aspects. There were a number of features I really liked.

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Apple's Impact on Mobile Entertainment

Apple's announcements yesterday were mostly focused on iTunes and adding a video camera to the Nano (beautiful device by the way - shape, colors, form factor, weight (lessness) - blew me away). There were a couple of interesting things that came out about the iPhone platform though.

A few of the facts:

30 million iPhones sold to date

20 million iPod Touch devices with about 225 million iPods sold to date in all with 50% to new customers (wow!)

1.8 billion downloads of more than 75,000 available applications

100 million billing relationships with credit cards ... this impresses me the most and is what I consider to be one of their important competitive advantages

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