What Customer Experience Professionals Can Learn From Kindergartners

Liz Boehm [Posted by Liz Boehm]

My nephew just started kindergarten this year and it got me thinking about some of the life lessons we learn in our early schooling.  Here’s a short list of some of the ideas that I think are most applicable to customer experience professionals.  As always, I’m thinking about healthcare CXPs, but these also apply more broadly.

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Nike, adidas, New Balance, & Puma Race For Cross-Channel Excellence

Adele-Sage[Posted by Adele Sage]

I just published a doc “Footwear
Manufacturers’ Cross-Channel Experience, 2009
” with the results of
Cross-Channel Reviews of the four leading footwear manufacturers: adidas, New
Balance, Nike, and Puma. We tried to complete standard user goals (looking for
running shoes, buying a pair, and then tracking the order) in several channels
(Web, IVR, phone, and email) and then looked at the experiences across

Here are some of the highlights:

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The Browser Wars Are Back! You Can’t Run Or Hide So Here’s What To Do

Harley-Manning_small [Posted by Harley Manning]


The customer experience team at Forrester is currently updating our Web site review methodology, which will get us to Version 8. I’ll write more about that in a subsequent post but I wanted to get it on the table (or in the blogosphere – pick your metaphor) by way of explaining why we’ve been looking at which version of what browser to use as our default for conducting research.


In trying to answer that question we had one of our Researchers – Rich Gans – talk to people at Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, and Google to get insight into where they’re going with their browser offerings and how they advise site developers to deal with the current landscape.

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Chiming In On The Ikea Font Change Debate

Ron-Rogowski [Posted by Ron Rogowski]

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