Vodafone 360 is a Major Strategic Play for Handsets & Mobile Internet

By Ian Fogg (bio, recent research or follow me on twitter)


Vodafone has just launched a major new initiative called Vodafone 360 (release, with the new 360.com website to follow). Key points:

  • Integration with social networks for an online address book and content sharing.
  • Combination mobile handset + 360.com cloud service strategy.
  • Single sign-on for customers or non-Vodafone customers. 360.com website available to both.
  • Deep handset integration: two new Linux LIMO handsets with "full fat" experience (made by Samsung). Lesser version pre-loaded onto a number of Symbian Series 60 handsets, downloads and other versions available for around 100 handsets.
  • Also includes an App store, new mobile web portal, music service, and maps service.

I'm working on a quicktake report. But this is such a major initiative with wide ranging scope, that I'm extremely curious in what others think? Specifically:

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Palm's Need to Communicate Its Differentiation

Mobile augmented reality

The pace of innovation is accelerating in the mobile space like never before and opening up new opportunities. Mobile has the potentiel to bridge the digital and the real worlds. Not a day without a new mobile augmented reality service or application out on the market. Of course, that's still niche but it clearly demonstrates the potential of the mobile platform.

If you disagree or if you don't get my point, just watch the video below

This video is not brand new and has already been seen close to 500,000 times. The service is provided by an innovative start-up that offers a reality browser available for Android. However, these types of applications are flourishing. See for example the Métro Paris application here or more recently the Meilleursagents.com app here.


I bet the best mobile service at the next MWC conference in Barcelona will be a mobile augmented reality app or service. If you haven't submitted your service, the contest is now open at www.globalmobileawards.com.

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Forrester's Estimates of the Number of UK File Sharers: A Clarification

The BBC recently aired a story that focused on some Forrester statistics regarding the number of people in the UK engaged in illegal file sharing. I’d like to provide more context in order to clarify any confusion about how we arrived at our estimate that the number of illegal file sharers in the UK is 6.7 million.


There are two parts to this issue, so let me take them individually:


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Nokia’s Music Strategy – Some Thoughts

I’ve spent the last couple of days with Nokia here in Stuttgart and have had some really interesting conversations.  What is clear from these meetings, and from the official announcements at Nokia World, is that Nokia is wholeheartedly committed to its services strategy.  They’re learning their way, but Nokia is a company that prides itself on renewal and they’re keen students of the lessons of their marketplace experiences.  It is easy to see that Nokia’s Ovi strategy has much more focus and clear vision than 2 years ago and that focus will continue to sharpen.


Music is the spearhead of Nokia’s Ovi strategy, and Comes With Music is the key element of their music play.  Regular readers will know that I’m a fan of CWM, and I consider it to be one of the best tools that the music industry has to fight piracy with.  Unlike Spotify, CWM enables users to take their music with them on their portable device and to keep it forever.  Those are strong assets for pulling kids off file sharing networks.  But it’s no secret that CWM hasn’t set the world alight yet, even if it has had better uptake in emerging markets than developed markets.  Some have used this as evidence of why the CWM model is flawed.  I don’t agree.  CWM’s slow start has been due to a combination of:


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