It's Flu Season, Connect AND Optimize Your Workers


I recently took part in my first Wi-Fi enabled flight (AA 387 STL — SAN) and, in addition to raving about the experience, I found it one of the better ways to make productive use of otherwise lost time. While the speed was reasonable, and better than I'd expected, there was a separate tier of experience that I encountered as a result of being a mobile user accessing Forrester's services and applications from 30,000 feet. 

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Glenn's Picks for the ITSM Fusion 09 Conference

Glenn O'DonnellI am off to the annual itSMF USA conference in Dallas TX, better known as Fusion 09. This is expected to be the biggest and best IT Servcie Management conference yet and the pinnacle of the itSMF USA organizations progress to date. I hope these predictions come true because I am an avid supporter of itSMF and its mission to promote service management excellence.

As one element of a new partnership between Forrester Research and itSMF USA, we will be holding one-on-one meetings between conference attendees and Forrester analysts. Both my delightful and brilliant colleague Evelyn Hubbert and I will be there and we look forward to one-on-one meetings with as many people we can fit in!

With all the wonderful sessions that will be happening at the conference, it is tough to pick favorites. Still, here are the sessions I hope to catch while I'm there.

Monday 21-Sep

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CA Buys NetQoS: A New Network Management Juggernaut?

Glenn O'Donnell
CA is a vendor that already enjoys a leading position in overall network management. Its 2005 acquisition of Concord, which brought along the assets of the previously acquired Aprisma, instantly moved CA from an also-ran to one of the clear leaders. Concord was good, and CA has an impressive track record of growing that business since the acquisition. Still, there were some weaknesses with regard to more advanced performance analysis.

On September 14, 2009, CA finally addressed these performance gaps by announcing its intent to acquire NetQoS for $200 million. Based in Austin, TX, NetQoS is one of those exciting small companies that proved there is a better approach to many of the challenges we face. It is one of the true innovators in performance management of both infrastructure and applications.

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Intuit’s Purchase Of Bolsters Cloud Services Strategy

Intuit announced today its purchase of for $170 million. The formerly bitter rivals will together form a sizable community of registered users who manage their finances online. The move brings together synergistic, complementary assets:


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Security execs are insecure about Twitter

Rob WhiteleyOn Friday we wrapped up a very successful Security Forum. I’m very pleased at how well the theme — navigating the new security & risk reality — resonated with the two hundred security execs that joined us in lovely San Diego.

For those who attended, let me send out a big THANK YOU. I know it’s a lot to take two days out of your schedule and, as always, we appreciate your attendance. And remember, you can head to the link above to get all of the presentations.

But now we must return to work and start implementing all of the insight we discussed. To help, I thought I’d take an opportunity to summarize this year’s top three takeaways, in no particular order.

Takeaway 1: Giant squids are the stuff of horror movies, and stand-up comedy. For those of you following along, you’ll know I struggled with whether I should incorporate the recent squid invasion of San Diego in my opening remarks. I did — and it went over well. I shall live to host another event.

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Lessons from the Windows Vista Era

On October 22, Microsoft will release Windows 7, thereby effectively ending the Windows Vista era for consumers. That day can’t come too quickly: Windows Vista will go down in history as a period of trial and tribulation for Microsoft – and for many consumers who used the product, particularly during its early days.

Vista Package

There are too many product strategy insights to be learned from the Windows Vista era to fit into one blog post. Let’s look at some of the major lessons – those that can be generalized to consumer product strategies in any industry. And let’s quickly extract both the “sins” of product strategy and some general product strategy lessons provided by the Windows Vista experience:

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How UK Organizations Are (Still) Going Green

Doug WashburnFor the last two years Forrester has presented and most recently partnered with the Tech:Touchstone event management company that produces the Green IT 2009 Conference & Exhibition in London. Despite one year in passing and a challenging economic environment, green IT is still top of mind in 2009.

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What Is A Map? From Cartography To Mobile Social Location

What is a map?  In traditional cartographic terms, a map is “a graphic representation or scale model of spatial concepts” that is “is a means for conveying geographic information.”  The traditional map is static, representing geographic features at a specific moment in time. Antiquarians preserve old maps as pieces of artwork, snapshots into bygone eras, fossilized records of the world that was.

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Don’t worry — I backed up my phone to the cloud!

Rob Whiteley I just nuked my phone.

Ok, so maybe I didn’t nuke it, but I wiped it clean. It’s all part of an experiment. I’m one of a lucky few (20 to be precise) that are piloting iPhones here at Forrester. So far, it’s been great, although there are the usual bumps and stumbles you might imagine with any new technology. For example, has anyone else out there come across the mysterious disappearing calendar item? Every once in a while I come across something that’s on my desktop Outlook client, but not on my iPhone. I’ve done some pretty exhaustive scenario testing and I think I’ve isolated what triggers it, but of course there’s no discussion of it anywhere in the Googlesphere. Very strange, but I digress. As much as I’d like to talk about my iPhone experience, I’m actually more interested in any consumer mobile device in the enterprise.

(Psst. Apple, if you’re listening I can be contacted on this blog, on Twitter, or via email. I may not be one of our device analysts, but my analyst credentials would be revoked if I didn’t at least have an opinion.)

Ok, so why am I interested in mobile devices? Because in the last few weeks we’ve been swamped with clients’ requests to help craft their security policy for this technology populistphenomenon. Not only has iPhone proven to have enterprise staying power, but the promise of Palm Pre and Windows Mobile 6.5 has many an executive dreaming of replacing their old scroll-wheel driven BlackBerry with a slick touch interface.

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When is a VMware cloud a vCloud? Let the API wars begin

James StatenAttention enterprises Pop Quiz: If your favorite hosting provider launches a cloud service that supports VMware vSphere and is part of the VMware vCloud initative, are they providing you with the rich vCloud functionality VMware is touting at VMworld this week?

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