Is BAM relevant in the age of lean processes?

Case Study #3: InfusionSoft Uses Social Media to Reduce Customer Service Costs

Natalie L. Petouhoff, Ph.D. By Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

I had the privilege to speak to the call center director, JoAnne at when I first started my research on the affects of social media on customer service. I had asked some of the luminaries in social CRM, like Paul Greenberg, who I should talk to. He suggested I should speak to Helpstream. Bob Warfield, the CEO of connected me to JoAnne.

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Is BAM Relevant In The Age Of Lean Processes?

James G. Kobielus By James Kobielus

In any dynamic business environment, the last thing you want is to indulge in navel-gazing. If you’re finely attuned to monitoring internal processes, but are not adept at responding to breaking events or anticipating the future, you will find yourself marginalized in the new global economy.

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Developing Process Skills for Your Business Analysts

In this podcast, Connie discusses best practices for developing process skills in Business Analysts.


Metadata Management: Getting Your Business Partners To Listen

Rob, in his podcast, addresses best practices for driving adoption of metadata management technologies.


Resuscitating Your Dying Metadata Strategy

Rob Karel By Rob Karel

Here’s a question to ponder:  Why do so many metadata initiatives deliver well below expectations, or outright fail?

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Go Lean With Case Management (Or, How To Have Fun On A Friday)

Connie Moore By Connie Moore

Last week my colleague, Clay Richardson and I got to spend a few hours talking about case management. In fact, we examined case management from just about every angle possible. The occasion? We were doing a video shoot for EMC at its studio in Hopkinton, Mass. It was a lot of fun because it's cool to do videos and the EMC folks were loads of fun to work with--plus I'm truly passionate about case management.

At this point, you are probably curious to know: what is case management? and what is a case?

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Case Study #1: How ACT! by Sage Software Transformed the Customer Experience By Social Media

The First Case Study in the Series About How to Deploy Customer Service Social Media!

When I published the ROI of customer service social media, everyone had asked me - who is doing social media and what are they doing. To help those who haven't started down the social media path, I put together the 5 Best Practices of customer service social media. That doc is chocked full of ideas you can use today. And to provide more details on how companies have accomplished their goals for social media, I also decided to publish a bunch of case studies! ACT! is the first of many! I hope it helps you to get a better idea of how valuable social media is and its bottom-line affects!

Who is Sage and What Did They Want to Accomplish With Social Media?

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Case Study #2: How Lenovo Implemented Customer Service Social Media Best Practices

The Second Case Study on Customer Service Social Media: How To and The Results...

This is the second case studies in the series on Customer Service Social Media Best Practices! You might be wondering what I meant my ownership. In organizational change management language... there are three stages of project success - awareness, buy-in and ownership. Here ownership doesn't me "owning" like it's mine - not yours. It means taking 100% responsibility for leading and faciliating solid, genuine, collaborative relationships with the whole company to further the whole company's succcess. Here's more details on how Lenovo accomplished their social media goals!

Why Did Lenovo Consider Social Media?

When Lenovo acquired the IBM PC computing division, they realized customers were talking about their products on 3rd party forums like and They felt left out of these important customer conversations. To remedy that, they took ownership and lead the customer social media interactions.

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Teleconference: 5 Best Practices For Customer Service Social Media

If you are wondering who's doing what and how they they are doing it... this is the teleconference for you!

TIME: 1-2PM EST (11-12 AM PCT)

Register: Best Practices Of Customer Service Social Media and The ROI

Overview: As more and more customers are using social media to interact — or worse yet to trash a brand because of poor customer service interactions — customer service professionals need to understand how best to lead and deploy social media for their department as well as their firm.

In building the ROI model for customer service social media, I talked with 20 companies that have deployed social media and the result was five best practices. While there are many things to consider, these best practices provide a framework to begin engaging customers in social media, to determine an ROI and transform the customer experience.

Agenda: Forrester's interviews with savvy executives found that smart companies use five emerging best practices:

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