The Agency Landscape Is Coming To A Crossroads

by Sean Corcoran 

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Can Hispanic Loyalty Survive The Recession?

Many companies I speak with are fighting tremendous pressure to pull back on their marketing and research spending for the Hispanic segment or are working with budgets that are already significantly smaller than in previous years. Yet my recent report on Hispanic’s reaction to the recession shows that brands actually need to be working harder to earn Hispanics’ coveted dollars. Advertising Age recently highlighted some of the key points I uncovered:

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Infographic: NY Times Uses Historic Data To Predict How The Recession Will Evolve

The New York Times has put together a very interesting interactive graphic that shows how recessions behaved in the past, and what this means for the future. Please note that the picture below is a static image.

NY Times Graphic


Made-up Mobile Ad Network Numbers - Why?

Saw this article today in moco ranking mobile ad networks in the US. They published these numbers, but don't stand behind them - at least entirely. I'm interested in digging a bit deeper into the UV calculation.

  1. Millennial Media: 45.6 million
  2. AOL/Platform-A's Third Screen Media: 28.6 million
  3. AdMob: 25.7 million
  4. Microsoft's MSN Ad Network: 25.4 million
  5. Jumptap: 23.4 million
  6. Quattro Wireless: 23 million

Yahoo! isn't mentioned. Google is not there - guess this doesn't include Search, but these online giants are popular at least with the consumers we survey. Oh, and no application networks or SMS. The article does back up Millennial's claim to reach. They'd have to be reaching just about every person who browses the mobile web in a given month - even those with one page view - to hit this published number. Aside from the rankings, good to see all of the networks doing so well. These numbers have been growing steadily over the past couple of years. With smartphones selling so well, usage of data services is growing. Forrester's data shows relatively few daily browsers outside of smartphone owners. Most of these ad networks show similar usage patterns. All of this traffic together Choosing ad networks isn't a topic I've researched yet. We do advocate though that brands find their customers, understand their mobile behaviors, and build a strategy from there. With the momentum in consumer adoption of mobile data services, it will soon be hard for any consumer or business-oriented brand to avoid the medium as a channel to engage with consumers for much longer.

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Mobile Marketing Not So Daunting with Best Practices

Neil-Strother [Posted by Neil Strother]

Heads-up on a new report up on our site on mobile marketing gaining strength, even in this down economy: "Best Practices: Mobile Marketing." (If you're a Forrester client, it's available in full.)

First, many mobile marketing budgets are growing, according to a survey of U.S. interactive marketers we conducted:

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When Bloggers Have Their Own Agents

Jeremiah Owyang[Posted by Jeremiah K. Owyang]

I recently spoke to a brand that sells women's products, and told me that a few bloggers approached them to sponsor their travel costs to attend uber popular Blogher. This particular brand didn't accept the offer, but I do know of others, such as Intel sponsoring the lovely Sarah Austin (I've been on her video) to attend SXSW, likable Chris Brogan was sponsored to attend CES. They aren't alone see this ever growing list of bloggers and brands that are involved in exchanging products, services, and even money for editorial influence.

Bloggers, which have been receiving an incredible amount of attention as the new influencers continue to grow in importance. Reading about the events at Blogher, it's clear that brands are kowtowing to these household influencers and offering them products, samples, and other events. It's not just the women bloggers category, but all over, tech bloggers are now part of the regular media/PR outreach list for tech, security, and device conferences.

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Hotel professionals: Your thoughts about 2010 can get you free Forrester research

Henry Harteveldt [Posted by Henry Harteveldt]

Hello again.

The global hotel industry is battling some tough times. To get a better idea of the industry's outlook for 2010 and the role you see distribution playing in your efforts, we're inviting hotel professionals to take a quick (10 minute) online survey. In exchange, we'll send you a complimentary summary of our findings after we complete gathering the data.

Who's eligible?

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How To Survive The Media Meltdown

The lead story on UK news bulletins this morning was the latest results from commercial broadcaster ITV. Two observations, even before we get into the detail of the story: big media companies, due to their prominent role in our lives, have a deep resonance with the public in ways that, say, a ball-bearing company, would never have; and the media meltdown— where traditional media business models based on scarcity and control are fundamentally challenged by the new realities of digital media consumption — is now high on the mainstream news agenda.

 The focus of today’s news is on ITV’s losses and the sale, at a knock-down price, of its social network Friends Reunited.  The broadcaster’s business model, heavily reliant on advertising revenues, leaves it exposed to this shift, whereas rival broadcaster (and major ITV shareholder) BSkyB has succeeded as a platform business, offering telephony and broadband alongside Pay TV. ITV has made the right noises about focusing now on its online video proposition and acquiring more of its own content to exploit. Neither will be easy, however, and successful execution will be the key here. ITV’s track record, looking at its failure to develop Friends Reunited (by no means a bad purchase at the time), is not great.

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Angry Online Travelers Consider Abandoning The Web

Henry Harteveldt Hello again everyone.

Our most recent research report, "Using Digital Channels To Calm Angry Travelers," has been getting a lot of attention.

To put it mildly, travelers are so angry with poor online travel experiences they're approaching a breaking point.

Check out the steady decline in the number of US online leisure travelers who enjoy using the Web to plan and book trips, and who feel that travel Web sites effectively present choices and trade-offs to them. These are critically important given the tepid economy and the increasingly complex way consumers are forced to buy travel. And now, notice how we see a small, but meaningful, increase in the number of people considering using offline travel agencies.

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Digeo announces Moxi Mate, a whole-home DVR play


Today Digeo went live with its Moxi Mate, the companion to its Moxi HD DVR, designed to provide whole-home DVR functionality. I sat down with Greg Gudorf, CEO of Digeo, a few weeks back and he previewed the box for me. A couple of my reactions were: 1) the quality of box-to-box streaming is phenomenal; 2) they even designed it so you can turn the panel lights off at night, assuming it will be a bedroom accessory.

The real secret power of this, however, comes with the free inclusion of PlayOn software, which allows your PC to stream online video from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube (and really any other online media content you want including music and photos) to your Moxi Mate box. This is a clever end run around the problem of trying to get the rights to integrate Hulu content into the box directly. (As we saw with Boxee, this is not something Hulu is excited to enable as it threatens their relationships with content owners.)

Love the device. But the fight over how media content will get around the home has only just begun, let the games begin!