The Tidal Wave of Business Video

I just completed my teleconference on “The Mounting Tidal Wave Of Business Video Traffic” and during the teleconference we asked attendees to tell us what video solutions they were using.  The poll turned down before everyone could participate fully, so I wanted to open up the question to our blog readers as well.  What video solutions are you using? 

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Is BTM the true BSM?

BTM (Business Transaction Management) is starting to appear on the radar screen of many clients and vendors. BTM is based on the ability to trace a transaction path through n-tiers of infrastructure components in order to provide 1) visibility into the transaction, 2) a template that could be used to understand how the infrastructure supports the transaction and 3) a basis to define whether a transaction behavior in normal, that is within the resource usage bracket observed historically or abnormal, signaling a performance or availability issue. Many products have appeared on the market over time to support this transaction tracing or transaction tracking ability. Bristol Technology (now HP), MQ Software Q!Nami (now BMC) supported MQ Series and Websphere MQ. ClearApp (now Oracle) and dynaTrace have this capability built in their SOA-APM monitoring solution, Optier and Correlsense provide visibility into transaction paths. Now we find this capability as one of the requirements for Application Performance Management: IBM ITCAM has looked into this issue from the get go, CA is developing the capability for Wily, HP is working on expanding Bristol, Compuware and Opnet can take advantage of their network analysis solutions to provide this information, Quest Software has added this feature in their APM solution and Precise is also walking the same path . Why?

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Are you addressing the next big thing in mobility – the Mobile Wannabe segment?

Michele Pelino [Posted by Michele Pelino]

We are all familiar with the story – mobility is hot and is taking root within firms of all sizes. Why? Mobility solutions improve employee productivity and efficiencies. However, the down economic environment has changed corporate priorities. It is no surprise that our data shows that cost cutting activities for telecom data center, and servers dominate initiatives for the next year. See the report: Demand Insights: Enterprise Mobility 2009 for more information. 

But, there is another story. We found that nearly 35% of companies identify offering more mobility support including deploying mobile applications and mobile devices as a critical or high priority for their companies in the coming year. This is not shabby during these difficult economic times.

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Hot Forrester Research: Just because it's popular?

Brad-Holmes  I have been sharing what is "hot" in our research stream in e mail blasts to Forrester employees, and in broadcast e mail newsletters to you, for, well, years now.  Meanwhile, our IT guys must think I am a serious hoarder given how often they have to remind me to clean up my many-mega-bit in box. So what am I doing adding to everyone else's e mail in-box clutter when my own is shamefully overflowing?

Ok, so this blog thing is not the end of e mail, just like eFurniture was never really going to put Jordan's or Macy's Home out of business, but I can contribute to a greener internet if I send out fewer total bits by using this channel over my one-to-many e mail habit...right?

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Creating business focus needs to be more like golf, less like skiing.

I grew up skiing in great skiing states like Colorado, Maine, and Wyoming. When I was in my mid-20’s I realized a funny thing about skiing -- that just about everyone who has ever made it down a black diamond ski slope fancies themselves to be a good skier. I’ve been skiing with all different types of skiers, and they all think they’re experts.   

Contrast that to the game (or sport) of golf. In golf, unlike skiing, there are clear standards, rules, and a score. At the end of my golf game, when I end up with a 110 and three triple-bogeys, I can’t claim I’m an expert golfer. There are people all around me who can prove to me, in their scores, that they are far better than I am. But rather than get me discouraged, their scores serve as a model for me, and they motivate me to get better.

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