Denial Of Service Attacks Have The Internets All A Twitter

John Kindervag

My BlackBerry battery died more quickly than usual yesterday as I received a wave of calls from reporters wondering about the denial of service (DoS) attacks against Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.  It seems many people are not aware of the long and storied history of denial of service attacks and this is their first personal experience with DoS. These types of DoS attacks have been around since the creation of the public Internet. A 15 year old named Mafiaboy famously brought down many of the top Websites of the day at the beginning of this millennium using similar techniques.

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Will Business Architecture Initiatives Put A Permanent End To Business-IT Alignment Problems?

An early 2009 Forrester interview with the CIO of a retail firm produced a great quote: “Our business execs have two views of IT: a big budget blob or their BlackBerry.” Now, maybe those retail business execs think of IT as a strategic budget blob, but it’s more likely that’s a shop with alignment issues. If that CIO’s business execs don’t see technology as enabling anything more than mobile email, then they really don’t get the power of technology and they’re not going to see the value in the IT department.

But alignment issues are not limited to shops where business execs don’t see value in technology. The whole IT-to-BT transition is about how the business is enthusiastically embracing technology – they’re just not bothering to go through the IT department to find it, deploy it, or use it. Today’s alignment problem is more about the gap between the business’s valuation of technology’s potential and their valuation of the IT department’s ability to deliver on that potential.


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Best Wishes To A Great Colleague -- Ray Wang!

We just learned yesterday that Ray Wang has decided to leave Forrester Research to join a small strategy consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay area.  Ray's last day with us will be August 19th.

Ray is one of the highest profile analysts in the industry--with a focus on ERP, order management, CDI and MDM.  To many of us at Forrester he is also a colleague, collaborator and good friend. He is widely known for his unparalleled client service, driving work ethic and intensely competitive streak (in a good way) that led to numerous awards while at Forrester.  We will miss him greatly.

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What Does Gen Y In The Workforce Really Mean?

Recently, I was on a call where a senior executive wondered whether or not kids entering the workforce in the next 5 years can write complete sentences now that everyone texts. For me, this is another example in an old story: fear (and some loathing) of Gen Y’s entrance into the workplace.  And frankly, as a 20-something, I think a lot of it is unfounded.

At no time is this fear more clear than when the conversation turns to approaches and technologies related to collaboration and Web 2.0 – areas that I cover for vendor strategy professionals. At this point I think I’ve heard it all. “Gen Y is bringing in unsecure consumer technology!” “We have to adopt wikis and social networks to recruit college graduates!” “Email is dead because the kids don’t use it!” Being a good sport about this, I’ve tried to shrug it off as the typical complaining one generation does about its kids. But the longer I cover this space, the more I believe this isn’t going away for two reasons:

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Offshore Slowed Down But Still Growing

Despite a renewed focus by clients to cut costs and to renegotiate rates, offshore providers are showing some positive signs — with Infosys, TCS, and Wipro recently posting better than expected quarterly earnings. Strong dependence on US and on banking and financial services clients had created fears that offshore business would be hit particularly hard in the economic downturn.

However, preliminary data from Forrester's 2009 Enterprise IT Services Survey shows an increase in offshore outsourcing this year. Half of respondents, up from 42% last year, indicate they use offshore (including commitment to offshore IT services and pilot projects). Furthermore, 54% of respondents have put implementing or expanding the use of offshore resources as an agenda item, a dramatic increase over 30% last year.

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Understanding EA's Value

Creating and demonstrating value continues to be a critical issue for many EA teams. Forrester believes that architects can have greater impact by tightly tying their activities to value levers their organizations care about and demonstrating how EA supports IT goals. Why does value continue to be a top-of-mind issue for EAs? Why don’t organizations recognize and appreciate EA’s value? Forrester is conducting a research initiative to assess the state of the market and identify best practices successful EA teams use to create and demonstrate value.

We are asking our blog readers to contribute to this client-driven research by taking a 16 question survey. To thank you for your time completing this survey, we'll provide you with the survey results so you can see how your responses compare with others, as well as the chance to participate in a 30 min teleconference with Forrester analysts who will tell you 'what it means.’

Click here to take the survey.

Thank you in advance.

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Complex Event Processing Is Cool - And Very Hot!

CEP Wave Model

The founding Fathers of the United States understood all too well the importance of complex events when on July 4th, 1776 they wrote:

"When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to...etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera".

Similarly, many of today's business and IT leaders understand the importance of reacting to business events as they occur in real-time and how that can dramatically change the performance and agility of their business.

Event processing, often called "complex event processing" (CEP) is a hot new enterprise middleware category. CEP answers the question: "What is happening right now in our business"? Sometimes the answer is as simple as ordering more products when the inventory dips below safety stock, but often it involves recognizing patterns of business events that foretell critical business situations that require immediate action.

CEP platforms analyze streams of data as they flow from live sources such as transaction flows, click streams, market data feeds, and myriad other sources of data swirling around inside a business environment. The platforms then prompt either downstream applications or people to react to the information by resetting processing priorities, changing online sales strategies, buying and selling stocks, or performing some other action.

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Can Velocity Revolutionize The Data Center Business?

James Staten

Digital Realty Trust is trying to do to the data center business what Dell did to computer manufacturing and Wal-Mart continues to do to the retail market — make delivery efficiency the killer app. It claims it can build out a complete enterprise-class, energy-efficient data center in as little as 26 weeks (versus 16-24 months by its competitors) and for less than half the competitive cost.

Bringing velocity and low price to data center construction is certainly a new concept and one that could have revolutionary implications. This area of design and construction has been very specialized, with each project being unique and the magnitude of a single order in the $50 million range. DRT, a REIT focused purely on the data center market, has made a name for itself by building and operating data centers for corporate clients.

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Hathaway resigns … another one bites the dust

Khalid Kark

Hathaway joins a distinguished group of highly respected and accomplished people who have quit the position of Cybersecurity Czar. She wasn’t even the actual Cybersecurity Czar, she was just the acting one, but it appears even that was too much to take for her. She cited personal reasons for resigning, but media reports suggest a more plausible reason for resigning – frustration at “spinning her wheels” and not being able to accomplish anything. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Whether you are a Cybersecurity Czar or a CISO, the challenges for this position are very similar. 

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Podcast: Untamed Business Processes

Our latest featured podcast is Craig Le Clair's "Untamed Business Processes".

In this podcast, BP&A Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair defines untamed business processes and what business process pros can do to take them on. He also discusses why these processes are different from packaged apps.

We look forward to your questions and comments.


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