Media Meltdown Creates New Mandate for Integrated Marketing

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The Media Meltdown of fragmented audiences and broken media company business models
is disrupting traditional marketing strategies and partnerships.
Marketing leaders must work with their teams, agencies, and media
partners to update their vision of integrated marketing in order to
counter the effects of the meltdown and to harness social media.
Tomorrow's integrated marketing:

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Do you want to follow Facebook and Twitter on your TV?

It's discussion time, folks. I want to hear what you think about the potential for Facebook and Twitter on the TV screen. No, stop laughing, I'm serious. 

I ask because I published a report for Forrester earlier this month called Five Things We Want From Social TV (click here to read). It was partly in response to Verizon FiOS's new Facebook and Twitter TV widgets which were released in early July. (Look at a demo on YouTube here). Here's the summary so you know what I wrote about:


Thanks to Verizon, the first meaningful Facebook widget in the US has come to the TV. Some question whether the active Social Computing experience has any place in the so-called "lean back" living room experience. Those people are wrong. Once Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Computing platforms are properly ported to the TV screen, a new explosion of media and technology convergence will occur, affecting the product strategies of device makers, content providers, and pay TV providers. In this report, we propose the five things that Social TV providers should prioritize — steps that will lead to a converged future of Social Computing and TV viewing.


All my cards are on the table: I obviously believe in this because I said it would be a new explosion of media and technology convergence and them's fightin words.

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A Post-Meltdown Media Business Model

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Marketers looking to tap into the long tail via organic search - rather than via a paid search campaign - ought to take a look at Associated Content. Remember, the network of "guides," or semi-pro content experts, now owned by the New York Times Co.? Associated Content is built along the same lines. It's a loose collection of articles written by freelancers that can provide inexpensive, contextually relevant ad inventory alongside content with some of the authenticity of UGC but none of the risky elements of unsupervised conversation.

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GM Spins a Cautionary Tale For Microsoft and All Marketing Leaders

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Shifting Tides

Lisa-Bradner  [Posted by Lisa Bradner]

Last week, Tide announced “Tide Basic”, a lower cost and less featured version of their iconic brand.  This is a wise response from P&G, driven by the realities of a recessionary marketplace that has consumers:

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Digeo announces Moxi Mate, a whole-home DVR play


Today Digeo went live with its Moxi Mate, the companion to its Moxi HD DVR, designed to provide whole-home DVR functionality. I sat down with Greg Gudorf, CEO of Digeo, a few weeks back and he previewed the box for me. A couple of my reactions were: 1) the quality of box-to-box streaming is phenomenal; 2) they even designed it so you can turn the panel lights off at night, assuming it will be a bedroom accessory.

The real secret power of this, however, comes with the free inclusion of PlayOn software, which allows your PC to stream online video from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube (and really any other online media content you want including music and photos) to your Moxi Mate box. This is a clever end run around the problem of trying to get the rights to integrate Hulu content into the box directly. (As we saw with Boxee, this is not something Hulu is excited to enable as it threatens their relationships with content owners.)

Love the device. But the fight over how media content will get around the home has only just begun, let the games begin!