End of an era: AMR Corporation to shift from Sabre to Hewlett-Packard

Fruugo and Cross-Border Online Shoppers

Zia_Wigder By Zia Daniell Wigder

Over the past year, many online retailers have looked to tap
into global online shoppers by adding international shipping options. International shipping presents a relatively low-cost first step into
global markets - it also allows retailers to tap into the increasingly international
consideration set of consumers around the globe. This topic has been key within
our research this year: our international shipping report addresses this issue from the US
perspective and we’ll soon be posting a report on cross-border shopping within Europe.

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How can travel companies benefit more from user generated content?

Henry Harteveldt [Posted by Henry Harteveldt]

Hello again.

I'm wrapping up my report on why travelers post their ratings and reviews. This was the winning topic that we asked our eBusiness blog readers to vote on. Thanks again to those of you who voted.

The good news is that travelers are more likely to post content like ratings, reviews, and pictures on travel Web sites to share good news with their fellow travelers, rather than bad news. I hope that's because more travelers interact with travel firms that exceed their expectations, rather than travelers having low expectations and simply pleased that nothing went wrong. The reality is likely a mix of both.

If you're a travel eBusiness or marketing professional, I'd sincerely value your opinions about user generated content (UGC) -- primarily ratings and reviews -- for one simple reason. I want to be sure that we write the most useful possible report. Among the questions we'd appreciate your input on are:

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Travel social media: What vendors do you like?

Henry Harteveldt   [Posted by Henry Harteveldt]

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to vote for what you'd like us to write on for our next travel eBusiness research report. The winning topic was "Why travelers write ratings and reviews." I'm working on that now -- which leads me to today's post.

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What should Forrester write about?

Brad_strothkamp [Posted by Brad Strothkamp}

We need your input.

Periodically, Forrester runs a progam called Client Choice where we ask clients to vote on topics we should write about in upcoming research reports. We are currently running a client choice ballot and would appeciate you taking part in the voting. 

This particilar Client Choice topic list is centered around Financial Service topics including topic areas like direct banking, data security, next generation selling/servicing, and eBusiness channel strategy development.

Take a second and vote. VOTE NOW.

If you do not see a topic that interest you here, no sweat -- write one in.



Introducing my new coverage area: eCommerce & Online Customer Service

Transacting Value: Generating Trust in an Anonymous Purchasing Environment

Ed Kountz [Posted by Ed Kountz]

Earlier this month, MasterCard became the first payments brand to publish the amounts it fines merchants for PCI compliance violations. The move, while not radical in itself, is one more indication of efforts to add teeth to data compliance practices that violate the PCI data security standard.


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Travel Email Customer Service Leaves Much To Be Desired

Diane Clarkson [Posted by Diane Clarkson]

When I speak with travel eBusiness professionals, it is clear that they value their customers and want this to be reflected throughout their online research to their travel experience.

Why then do travelers overwhelmingly feel that travel companies are failing to make them feel valued? Only 29% of online travelers believe travel companies are making strong efforts to make them feel valued.

I’ve wondered if there is simply a disconnection – that the best efforts of a dedicated marketing team can be thwarted by a weather delay, bad traffic, or a grumpy desk clerk.

We will be publishing a report shortly on making travelers feel valued. In the course of researching this report, I’ve paid a lot of attention to the how travel companies communicate. There is an old expression that the “devil is in the details”. I disagree. Sometimes the big picture is the accumulation of details.

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Made-up Mobile Ad Network Numbers - Why?

Saw this article today in moco ranking mobile ad networks in the US. They published these numbers, but don't stand behind them - at least entirely. I'm interested in digging a bit deeper into the UV calculation.

  1. Millennial Media: 45.6 million
  2. AOL/Platform-A's Third Screen Media: 28.6 million
  3. AdMob: 25.7 million
  4. Microsoft's MSN Ad Network: 25.4 million
  5. Jumptap: 23.4 million
  6. Quattro Wireless: 23 million

Yahoo! isn't mentioned. Google is not there - guess this doesn't include Search, but these online giants are popular at least with the consumers we survey. Oh, and no application networks or SMS. The article does back up Millennial's claim to reach. They'd have to be reaching just about every person who browses the mobile web in a given month - even those with one page view - to hit this published number. Aside from the rankings, good to see all of the networks doing so well. These numbers have been growing steadily over the past couple of years. With smartphones selling so well, usage of data services is growing. Forrester's data shows relatively few daily browsers outside of smartphone owners. Most of these ad networks show similar usage patterns. All of this traffic together Choosing ad networks isn't a topic I've researched yet. We do advocate though that brands find their customers, understand their mobile behaviors, and build a strategy from there. With the momentum in consumer adoption of mobile data services, it will soon be hard for any consumer or business-oriented brand to avoid the medium as a channel to engage with consumers for much longer.

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Hotel professionals: Your thoughts about 2010 can get you free Forrester research

Henry Harteveldt [Posted by Henry Harteveldt]

Hello again.

The global hotel industry is battling some tough times. To get a better idea of the industry's outlook for 2010 and the role you see distribution playing in your efforts, we're inviting hotel professionals to take a quick (10 minute) online survey. In exchange, we'll send you a complimentary summary of our findings after we complete gathering the data.

Who's eligible?

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