Yahoo! Has The Right Mobile Priorities

Pizza Hut iPhone Application

I'm fascinated by this application on the iPhone. It is rich and entertaining. It makes ordering pizza fun. Includes a game. Includes coupons to motivate purchase - but they aren't pushed out via SMS to trigger the idea of pizza for lunch/dinner.

Is it more marketing or commerce?

The connected nature of the application allows for updates - to the menu (for the basic categories) and promotions. Look forward to seeing this evolve to the point where local restaurant managers can do their own local promotions even based on registered zip codes. I see location-based mobile advertising playing out along these lines nearer term than the auto-tagging of a user's location with an ad to quickly follow.

Would prefer not to have to sign up online. Mobile-only use cases with individuals are limited today, but I think they will grow in number. Cross-channel (Internet to mobile and vice versa) is an interesting idea, but it isn't clear that it is needed or wanted - especially on platforms as capable as the higher end devices like an iPhone or Blackberry, Symbian, Palm etc. devices.  -


A Story Of Empathy — The Lost Art Of Selling?

Posted by Scott Santucci


In 1992, with my Marketing Management degree in hand, I went out in the market to find a sales job. At the time, I believed (and I still do) that you can’t really be the best B2B marketer unless you know how to sell first. One of the jobs I interviewed for was with a local dealer to sell fax machines (yes, it’s true . . . FAX machines). The VP of Sales interviewing me asked a simple question — what are the most important things to being a sales person?


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Our Take On Chris Anderson: Why Free Doesn't Go Far Enough

A reporter asked me yesterday whether I thought Chris Anderson was right, or whether I thought he was too glib. I don't think an either/or question.

What I've come to realize while researching and writing reports like our paid content forecast is that yes, free can be a business model--but only for much, much smaller businesses than most media companies as they exist today, with their Manhattan skyscrapers or sprawling Hollywood studios, thousands of employees, unions, factories, warehouses, and debt obligations.

So Anderson is right, but not right enough to be much comfort to the media companies on which we depend.

Here's why. In the digital world:

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Social Marketing: Earned Media to the Max

Emily Riley  I have been following the recent viral video phenomenon created by Evian. In case you haven't seen it (or them, there are a few iterations) you can check them out here. According to AdAge, the videos have gotten more than 14 million views, smashing all previous viral video records. Obviously the viral video phenomenon is alive and well, although it hasn't become more predictable with age. With millions of free video impressions so tantalizingly close, it's no wonder that more and more marketers are starting to take all sorts of "earned media" more seriously. I've seen a few great social media applications being created from companies who don't have a cool or sexy brand, so it's possible to jump in the game no matter what industry you come from.Comcast has a whole customer service team Twittering full time, for example, and Coldwell Banker lets you check real estate listings on Facebook and your iPhone.

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Boy, does Customer Intelligence resonate!

Dave Frankland [Posted by Dave Frankland]

One of my favorite elements of being an analyst is the time we spend helping marketers that are grappling with a key challenge within their firm. Since we launched the Customer Intelligence role last week, I’ve been spending a few minutes in most client inquiries and interactions explaining the shift in our research focus. The response, quite frankly, has been phenomenal.

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Are You Giving Your Sales Force A Knife For A Gunfight?


In the movie “The Untouchables” Sean Connery’s character, Jim Malone, is targeted for a hit by Al Capone. The hitman breaks into his house and threatens Malone, pulling out a revolver, says, “Isn’t that just like a (derogatory term for an Italian) . . . brings a knife to a gun fight.”

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Re-Engineer The Relationship Between Insurance Tech Buyers And Sellers

Ellen Carney [Posted by Ellen Carney]

Insurance IT buyers have distinct preferences when it comes to how they learn about new technology.  Tech vendors think IT buyers learn about the hottest technology because of the bright, shiny stuff that their marketing organizations spend all kinds of time and money producing. Wrong.

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A New Voice With a Ring of Familiarity

Mypictr_100x100 This is my first blog post as a Principal Analyst at Forrester, but not my first time writing for the company. When I left Forrester in 2002, blogs were just getting on the radar, Facebook was still based in Cambridge (and you needed a .edu email) and Interactive Marketing, eCommerce and Broadband were dirty words as the Internet Economy was in mid-January of a nuclear winter. My cell phone at the time was a pre-RAZR with limited internet access, and Apple had not yet introduced OSX. They were grim times.

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Online Chat Success Can Mask Problems On Your Web Site

Brad_strothkamp [Posted by Brad Strothkamp}

One clear trend in eBusiness these days is the increasing importance of interactive help tools including online chat and click-to-call. Hardly a day goes by where I do not get asked about how to best use this evolving technology. The problem is that often firms put the cart before the horse when approaching this important technology. Firms are quick to head down interactive help path without first solving common Web site problems. The result can be chat and call sessions resulting from sub-optimal site design; essentially interactive help is used because the site visitor cannot get their question answered on the site.

Consider this.

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