Partner Vendor - as defined by a customer

By Peter O'Neill

As part of my research around the IT management software market, I spent some days with CA last week and met several of their customers as well. One of the customers is a large financial service institute – their name is not relevant to the point of this blog so I will not name them (I would have to ask their permission first).

What particularly interested me was this customer’s definition of a partnership with their suppliers. They are pursuing a strategic sourcing strategy for their IT management software and wish to restrict their interactions to a select shortlist of vendors whom they wish to consider as "vendor partners". They have three simple requirements of a vendor who wishes to be in this list.

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Avaya proposes to acquire Nortel – Kissing cousins could be merged by the end of the year

What has happened?

Avaya has announced today, July 20, 2009, their desire to acquire Nortel’s Enterprise Business Unit  and the shares of Nortel Government Solutions and DiamondWare, Ltd, bidding $475M for the businesses.  Avaya has offered to assume $28M in debt associated with Nortel Government Solutions as part of the transaction.   This kicks off a set of processes that will lead to a new owner for Nortel – and it may be Avaya or some other bidder.

Why are Nortel and Avaya interested in joining forces?

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Software AG takes over IDS Scheer

Fakelogo By Stefan Ried

Software AG acquires Business Process Modeling Expert IDS Scheer

The Deal

IDS-Scheer and Software AG announce late yesterday that the integration and legacy application platform vendor Software AG will take over the smaller business process expert IDS Scheer.

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More ChromeOS ....

After Frank Gillett's initial opinion on ChromeOS, I'd like to point you to the ongoing discussion around Google's announcement.The discussion on twitter follows the #ChromeOS hash. Over the last days, you'll find my comments here. No question that ChromeOS is a strategic attack to Microsoft's Windows Desktop with its pre-shipped IE. Who will download IE, if you're not using Windows any more at all. Really funny is for example this fake "Steve Jobs" blog post "Let's all take a deep breath and get some perspective"Read more

Death of the PC OS — Google's Chrome OS Signals A New Era Of Operating Systems Focused On Online Services In The Cloud

Frank E. Gillett [Posted by Frank E. Gillett]

I was intrigued and excited to see Google announcement of their second operating system effort today, Google Chrome OS. I’ve been thinking about how client operating systems will evolve ever since I began struggling with having data spread across multiple PCs. I finally gathered together my thoughts on the future of client OS in the The Personal Cloud, published just two days ago.

My working title for this report was “Death of the PC OS” because I believe that the industry needs to rethink and expand the role of PC and device operating systems.

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WebMethods 8 – Consistent Improvement

However, I believe Software AG is missing still a huge potential combing the legacy of the mainframe application platform and the integration and BPM centric new world of webMethods. Actually, we had a very controversial debate among the leading Forrester analysts, if it would make sense for them to become a full application development platform. Software AG and Progress Software have both a similar heritage. They have both mainframe based full application development stacks and some new, but independent integration technology. Demographics tell us that the average CIO who still perceives these companies as application stacks will retire soon. At the same time more and more applications will be delivered in the SaaS style and the corresponding platform market (PaaS) will grow up to $ 15 billion annual revenue by 2016.

Software AG has to evaluate one of the following opportunities to retain market share in the market evolution driven by cloud computing and an ongoing market consolidation of integration and application platforms to merged business process platforms:

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