Metrics And Measures Really Do Matter

It's Time To Ask The Question: "What Does 'Sales' Really Mean to Us?"

As you can imagine, we talk about “sales enablement” at different levels of the organization (Executive management, CMOs, VPs of sales, and individuals who are responsible for piece parts).

In all cases the view of what needs to happen to produce results is very different at each level, which is one of the core problems we have in our industry with building an effective sales and marketing systems.

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Fresh Cooked Spaghetti: Does our latest research stick?

I really got into cooking when my mom showed me tricks like throwing a strand of cooking spaghetti against the wall.  If it stuck it was done, and better yet, al dente, or just right.  So each month I do the same with the Tech Industry First Look newsletter and today is the day for July. What I want to know is does it stick? You are welcome to have a taste at Technology Industry First Looks  then comment back here if you like, or e mail me at

Some of the highlights if you don’t have time for any of that include:

We see the PaaS market growing to some $15b by 2016 driven by a combination of direct buys, ISV on PaaS and PaaS from outsourcing providers. Are we high, low, or in the ballbark?
We expect Canadian and Latin American IT markets to be hit harder than the US in 2009 and to recover slower in 2010 as well.  Anyone in either market beg to differ?
Early adopters of Unified Communication tell us they are not getting the benefits they expected for their internal stakeholders.  What are they missing?
Frank Gillett, one of our luminary analysts, sees Personal Clouds in all our futures, really a web-based infrastructure for personal computing.  Do you agree?
Oh yea, we are always open to new ideas for future research, so since you have discovered this blog, and you’re apparently interested in strategy for tech vendors, what would like to see us throwing against the wall next month?

Thanks, Brad Holmes

A Story Of Empathy — The Lost Art Of Selling?

Posted by Scott Santucci


In 1992, with my Marketing Management degree in hand, I went out in the market to find a sales job. At the time, I believed (and I still do) that you can’t really be the best B2B marketer unless you know how to sell first. One of the jobs I interviewed for was with a local dealer to sell fax machines (yes, it’s true . . . FAX machines). The VP of Sales interviewing me asked a simple question — what are the most important things to being a sales person?


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Are You Giving Your Sales Force A Knife For A Gunfight?


In the movie “The Untouchables” Sean Connery’s character, Jim Malone, is targeted for a hit by Al Capone. The hitman breaks into his house and threatens Malone, pulling out a revolver, says, “Isn’t that just like a (derogatory term for an Italian) . . . brings a knife to a gun fight.”

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Re-Engineer The Relationship Between Insurance Tech Buyers And Sellers

Ellen Carney [Posted by Ellen Carney]

Insurance IT buyers have distinct preferences when it comes to how they learn about new technology.  Tech vendors think IT buyers learn about the hottest technology because of the bright, shiny stuff that their marketing organizations spend all kinds of time and money producing. Wrong.

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The Big Question: Enable Sales To Do What?


Today, Forrester takes the incubation tag off our sales enablement research agenda and is launching a new coverage area called “Technology Sales Enablement” targeted for sales and marketing professionals involved in improving the performance of the sales organization. When you put “sales” and “enablement” together, you get a lot of different points of view.

So, what’s Forrester's view on this subject? What perspective do we have to offer?





Complexity view shaggy


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