What travel eBusiness research topics would help you be most successful?

Henry Harteveldt Hi everyone.

There's no shortage of research topics on which I could write. But rather than make the decision unilaterally, I thought it would be more productive -- and fun -- to shake up the a bit.

I'd like you to tell me what research would be most useful for you. Our job as Forrester analysts is to help make you more successful everyday, but you know your needs best.

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Better eBusiness May Have Helped Hotels Avoid A Truly Lousy 1H09

Henry Harteveldt Wow, once you get into this blogging thing, it's hard to stop...

I am a fan of Travel Weekly, a truly comprehensive travel industry publication. I've been reading Travel Weekly for the million or so years I've been in the travel industry and am sincerely impressed with how its editor, Arnie Weissman, continues to take the publication in new and exciting directions.

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Delta announces smart upgrades to 2010 SkyMiles loyalty program

Henry Harteveldt Delta Air Lines (DL) has announced a slate of upgrades to its SkyMiles loyalty program for 2010. The changes are being made as part of DL's merger with Northwest Airlines (NW). Delta tells Forrester that its remains on track to fully combine SkyMiles and the Northwest WorldPerks programs by October 2009.

As a result of the merger, it's believed that the Delta SkyMiles program may have more than 70 million members (net of duplications Between SkyMiles and WorldPerks), eclipsing the perennial category leader, American Airlines' AAdvantage, which has more than 60 million members.

Some of the best benefits of the new SkyMiles program will include:

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Getting customers to cut you some slack


[Posted by Jonathan Browne]

I'm embarrassed to see that we haven't updated our blog in three weeks. I guess it's a time of year when it's hard to stay on top of some things. I found myself exhausted at the end of June. (In addition to my trip to NYC for the CXP forum, I also had to do some business travel in Europe). Perhaps you've been feeling the same way? At the start of July, I took a holiday. It was sorely needed.

I visited Lisbon, which, it turns out, is a very beautiful city with great food and wine. As with all travel, the trip gave me a lot of experiences to think about, including a couple of incidents when I needed to ask people to fix things that had "gone wrong":

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