How Virtual Can Your Organization Get?


The answer, based on research recently completed by Doug Washburn and I, entirely. With the help of Christine Perkett, President and founder of PerkettPR — an organization of all virtual employees — we studied the IT infrastructure, productivity, and green benefits of PerkettPR's last ten years as an organization reliant on geographically scattered workers and reliable remote access to systems and information.

True to the topic's virtual focus, the entire idea began with a virtual exchange. I was initially intrigued by a Tweet that Christine submitted to her 12,000+ user following on Twitter, pondering the green effects and savings her company had garnered over the past ten years as a virtual organization.

Some of the findings in the document center on what seem, in Perkett's opinion, like common sense, but aren't always readily apparent to workers or to organizations:

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Smart Grid – Make It Secure And Compliant

Critics of Smart Grid argue that it is not secure enough to be rolled out yet. They may even paint a doomsday picture similar to ‘Die Hard 4’, with hackers breaking into the grid and controlling the nation’s power system. That kind of extreme scenario is shocking — in essence launching a denial of service (DOS) attack that can imperil critical infrastructure. This year’s Black Hat conferenceplans to showcase similar security threats that can impact smart meters and devices. NIST has put out a 270 page roadmap of Smart Grid standards and protocols that address various aspects of controls, including security. These guidelines can help utility companies, manufacturers, technology vendors, and service integrators to streamline controls when rolling out Smart Grid. However, the implementation of this approach is missing to date.   

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Upcoming Workshop: Applying Agile And Lean Strategies To BPM Initiatives

Join Forrester Senior Analyst Clay Richardson in Washington D.C. on October 20, 2009 for the interactive one-day workshop Applying Agile And Lean Strategies To BPM Initiatives. In this workshop, you will learn best practices for integrating Agile and Lean methodologies into all facets of your BPM initiative. Through exercises and case studies you will build an action plan for incorporating Agile and Lean best practices into your organization’s BPM initiative.

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IBM Looks Into The Crystal Ball

The IT mega vendor acquires the predictive analytics specialist SPSS




On July 28th IBM announced the plan to acquire SPSS, a leading provider of predictive analytics solutions. The acquisition, which is subject to shareholder and regulatory approval, is expected to close later this year and will position IBM as a leading vendor of Business Intelligence in the market.


Please read this Forrester Report for more insights.

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Podcast: How To Select Your First BPM Project

Our latest featured podcast is Connie Moore's "How To Select Your First BPM Project"

In this podcast, BP&A Research Director and Vice President Connie Moore discusses how you should employ your first BPM project. She begins by suggesting that business process professionals think big and target major organizational pain points with their first endeavor. She goes on to suggest best practices for moving on from this first process implementation and ends with a discussion of how long these projects generally take.

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Please Fill Out These Forms...The SEC Will See You Now

Chris McClean

Is regulatory oversight more or less invasive than oral surgery? Sure, both are necessary sometimes. But however you feel about the current level of corporate scrutiny, it’s clearly increasing, and that means the jobs of corporate governance, risk management, and compliance professionals are going to get even tougher.

The last month has seen some dramatic news related to corporate disclosure, most notably a bill approved by the House Financial Services committee that would require public companies to explain executive and employee compensation packages, and to write rules that would prohibit any compensation that could have a substantial, negative effect on financial markets. Lawmakers expect that this bill, if approved, will be rolled up with other legislation.

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NetSuite’s Full Court Press: Vendor Incents Sage Partners To Move Business To The Cloud

NetSuite Inc. recently announced a new offering to entice Sage partners in the U.S. and U.K. to join NetSuite’s Solution Provider Program.  NetSuite encourages businesses to enter the cloud by offering 50% margins on all new one-, two-, or three-year subscriptions to NetSuite for the first 12 months.  The Solution Provider Program is designed to give Web-based business solutions to growing companies.  NetSuite offers solutions for accounting / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Ecommerce.

    NetSuite’s offering comes in the wake of recent failure of MIS Group, Sage’s largest value-added reseller. NetSuite continues to establish itself as a top player in cloud computing and more and more companies are beginning to adopt their solutions to run key business operations.  In a press release this morning, NetSuite announced that three of the most recent technology Initial Publish Offerings were by companies working with NetSuite, including OpenTable, Inc., SolarWinds, Inc., and LogMeIn, Inc, proving that SaaS continues to be a strong option for fast-growing companies who want low capex costs, flexible solutions, and outsourced IT.  

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IBM Goes Deeply Predictive, Announces Acquisition of SPSS

James G. Kobielus By James Kobielus

IBM dropped a big bombshell at the start of any already action-packed day for the analyst community. At this moment, I’m sitting, along with several dozen of my peers from Forrester and other firms, at the IBM Smart Analytics System launch event in Hawthorne NY. I’ll blog on IBM’s other announcements in a separate items.

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The next wave of BI acquisitions?

Boris Evelson By Boris Evelson

Whoever says that Business Intelligence (BI) market is commoditizing is smoking something funny. From where we sit, it remains active, vibrant and full of opportunities both on the buyer and the seller side. On the buyer side the market is far from mature with multiple architecture, implementation, governance and organizational challenges. On the seller side we track over 20 “next generation” BI features that vendors are just beginning to address.

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Are Process Mashups Ready For Primetime?

Process mashups combine presentation data and processes into a single application for business users. Process mashups are meant to empower the business by making use of the data that is already available within the business. In this podcast Clay speaks about how companies are using process mashups and the emerging trends within the space.