FatWire Plucks Castaway Interwoven And Vignette Customers From Leaky Dinghy In The North Atlantic

Tim_walters By Tim Walters, Ph.D

Not quite, but that’s the general tone of the “rescue program” recently announced by Web content management (WCM) vendor FatWire. Following the acquisition of Interwoven by Autonomy, and the announced acquisition of Vignette by Open Text, FatWire is offering Vignette and Interwoven customers the opportunity to switch to their Content Server solution at no cost.

Naturally, there are some provisos. First, although license fees are waived, the maintenance and support payment (typically 15-20% of the original license fee) that has gone to Interwoven or Vignette is now paid to FatWire. (Bad luck, I guess, if you’ve just made the annual payment to the other vendor.) Second, you’re also supposed to sign up to employ (and license) content migration tools and services from FatWire partners Vamosa or Kapow Technologies. (Vamosa has jointly agreed to waive the initial license fee for their migration solution.) Third, this limited time offer expires on September 30, 2009. (But try calling on October 1 and see if they refuse to answer the phone.)


FatWire acknowledges that the program does not by itself constitute a compelling financial argument to switch. But they hope that by removing the license fee hurdle, they might entice some disaffected Interwoven or Vignette customers.

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Great News For The Process World—A Sea Change Is Coming

Connie-Moore By Connie Moore

I've been working in the Business Process Management field for long time. How long? How's thisI remember when there wasn't any BPMit was all just workflow. Plus, I remember when there wasn't any continuous improvement or Agile vs. Waterfall, it was just big bang Business Process Reengineering.

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AddressDoctor A Smart DQ Acquisition For Informatica, Still Moving Closer To MDM

Robert-Karel by Rob Karel

Informatica today announced its planned acquisition of AddressDoctor GmbH, a premier global postal address data quality software vendor. AddressDoctor provides postal address cleansing and verification for over 240 countries through batch processing or real-time Web services, supporting 40 different character sets and can transliterate non-Latin characters including Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

While AddressDoctor may not be a household name for many data management professions, data quality (DQ) platform and master data management (MDM) vendors certainly know it. Vendors such as Capscan, DataFlux, Datanomic, IBM, Initiate Systems and Siperian either OEM or resell AddressDoctor technology to provide address cleansing capabilities within their broader DQ and/or MDM solutions. Even perceived competitors in the niche postal address verification market like Experian’s QAS and Melissa Data have relied on AddressDoctor to expand their global reach for postal address data.

Informatica also had a prior OEM relationship with AddressDoctor, so the ability to provide global address verification is nothing new. Instead, Informatica says the acquisition will support their “Pervasive DQ” strategy and will allow them to more easily embed address validation within their Profiling, DQ Scorecarding and Monitoring solutions, in addition to its Informatica On-demand “cloud” services.

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