You Asked The Questions; We Give The Answers

At this year’s Forrester IT Forum, time constraints and the sheer number of attendees’ questions for our keynote speakers resulted in many questions going unanswered. We’ve reached out to our analysts to answer some of these questions. Here they are:

Should architects be embedded in business, for IT projects? Why? And for what benefit? Where do you put project management in the business? For IT projects.

Answer from Jeff Scott, Senior Analyst:
There is no “should.” We will see architects located in IT and the business based on the organization’s goals and context. I see EA eventually breaking into three distinct groups over time. Infrastructure architects located in I&O who design the extended infrastructure, application architects located in IT who focus on delivery of business solutions, and business architects located in IT and the business who focus on business strategy. Business architects located in the business generally focus on business change and the benefit is providing a model of the business to executives that connects the disparate lines of business. I don’t see IT project managers moving to the business in any big way. Someone has to oversee all the technology-based issues in a project and usually that is the PM.

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Bullet-proof BI Business Cases Are Now More Crucial Than Ever

Boris has a few key recommendations for listeners building BI business cases: 

- Start with the simplest business cases
- Build to more complex projects based on end-to-end BI components
- Move to build a BI business case with top line benefits


Untamed Business Processes

In this podcast, Craig sets out to define untamed business processes and what business process pros can do to take them on. He also discusses why these processes are different from packaged apps.


Are Recessions Bad For EAs?

Jeff Scott [Posted by Jeff Scott]



The prevailing logic is that EAs are vulnerable during economic

downturns because they are essentially, well, nonessential. Over

the past year I have heard a number of dire predictions about the

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Podcast: The Use Of Text Analytics To Mine Unstructured Content

Our latest featured podcast is Leslie Owens's "The Use Of Text Analytics To Mine Unstructured Content."

In this podcast, Leslie sheds light on the tools and resources available to analyze and classify “unstructured text,” such as emails or survey documents. These tools could yield solutions to business problems as an add-on for business intelligence tools, or for customer relationship management.

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