Razorfish finally goes on sale

Harley-Manning_small [Posted by Harley Manning]

One of the toughest parts of being an analyst is figuring
out not WHAT will happen but WHEN it will happen.  Back in May of 2007 I wrote a short report
that described Forrester’s take on Microsoft’s acquisition of Avenue A Razorfish. In that report I
predicted that the Web site design part of the business would be spun off,
“possibly just called ‘Razorfish,’” and that acquirers would flock to snap up
that part of the firm.

To be open, I was beginning to think I’d been wrong.  But then yesterday, FT.com broke the news
that Microsoft appointed Morgan Stanley to find a buyer for the design part of
the agency, which dropped the “Avenue A” part of its name and is now called

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Can Customer Experience Fix Healthcare?

Liz Boehm [Posted by Liz Boehm]

This past Monday at Forrester's Customer Experience Forum, I was listening to Wayne Peacock of USAA and I found myself wishing that he could be a part of the healthcare reform debate.  Wayne was talking about how USAA weathered the trials an tribulations of 2008 -- fires in California, Hurricane Ike, and the collapse of the US financial infrastructure, just to name a few.  All of which left USAA significantly "over plan."

I couldn't help thinking about the parallels to the health plan and healthcare industries.  Where property and casualty gets hurricanes and fires, we get swine flu.  And while the financial crisis is universal (in healthcare we feel it as layoffs, loss of insurance coverage, and consumers cutting back on preventive care), we also have systemic issues like the obesity epidemic and lifestyle-related health issues.

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Can "Green" Be An Experience?

Wchu [Posted by Will Chu]

Hi all.  My name is Will Chu and I serve customer experience professionals.  Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about green technologies, from those addressing current issues like renewable energy sources to ones preparing for the imminent post-global warming apocalypse.  If the latter is anything like Dennis Quaid’s plight in "The Day After Tomorrow," you may want to invest in a WaterPod – a sustainable, navigable double-domed island that will get you through the toughest of ecological meltdowns.


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Post-forum thoughts (one analyst's perspective)


[Posted by Jonathan Browne]

How did you like our Customer Experience Forum? Did you come participate in person at the event in New York? Or did you see some of the presentations that we offered as a live stream?

On my way home from New York, I met a friend at LaGuardia airport for a coffee and I enthused about the event to him. He leant forward as if to let me in on a secret: "There's a company that I deal with, that always delivers an excellent customer experience - and you've probably never heard of it."

He proceeded to tell me that three generations of his family rely on USAA for all their financial needs. Boy, was he surprised when I told him who I'd been speaking with earlier... :

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But is it art?

Jon-Browne [Posted by Jonathan Browne]

I'm noticing more and more "word clouds" in company reports and other business documents:

.Forrester Blog Wordle Portrait 

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The Web Design Capabilities Wave is live!!

VidyaDrego_small[Posted by Vidya L. Drego]

I've spent the last few months immersed in the world of the Web design capabilities of interactive agencies. After all that work, finally, The Forrester Wave: Interactive Marketing Agencies -- Web Design Capabilities, Q2, 2009 is live. Hurrah!!

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Is designing for seniors the same as designing for accessibility?

Liz Boehm [Posted by Liz Boehm]

Being the CXP analyst who focuses on the needs of seniors, I get a lot of questions about accessibility.  And I'll admit I can see the connection.  Among the other issues that most people face as they get older are decreasing eyesight and hearing.  But most seniors don't consider themselves disabled.  They find ways to work around their failing eyesight and less acute hearing (we've all seen -- or been -- the guy holding the menu at arm's length in the dim restaurant lighting).  But seniors won't bother to find a work-around if the technology in question doesn't tempt them with a strong enough value proposition to squint through the small font or risk a misclick.  And I don't mean a value proposition that a company wants to sell; I mean one that the senior wants to buy.  Because the senior will have to pay for it -- if not with money, then with the time it takes to learn how to use your solution.

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Sneak Preview of the Customer-Centric Culture Track at CXP Forum 2009

Megan Burns [Posted by Megan Burns]

Happy Friday everyone!  It's hard to believe, but Forrester's Customer Experience Forum is just 17 days away. A few of my colleagues have already talked about the event, but I thought I'd add my own take with a sneak preview of the track I'm leading.


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Engaging Gen Y With Social Interactivity

[Posted by Andrew McInnes]

Hi everyone. Andrew McInnes here. I'm a Researcher working behind the scenes in Forrester's Customer Experience group.*

I'm excited to post today because Bruce Temkin and I just published the latest report in our Gen Y design series: Engage Gen Y Online With Social Interactivity.

Forrester's Gen Y design research stems from The Gen Y Design Guide report published in December 2007. It describes how Gen Yers are different (and they are!) and identifies four design tactics for reaching them online. To delve deeper into each tactic, I've been scouring the Web and picking the brains of our design agency contacts to find good examples and spot missed opportunities. We already published findings related to the first Gen Y design tactic, immediacy, back in November of last year.

To find good social interactivity practices, we looked for sites (excluding social networks) that 1) provide the opportunity to communicate with others, and 2) offer tools for self-expression.

Here are some of our findings:

  • Zappos.com makes it easy to share product information.
  • Lands' End lets customers email personalized virtual models.
  • Sprint offers forums for device and service support.
  • Charlotte Russe helps friends shop together.
  • Wet Seal allows customers to design and vote on outfits.
  • Threadless.com rewards users for expressing themselves.
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Listen To The Voice Of Your Customers (And Employees)

Bruce-Temkin [Posted by Bruce Temkin]

As you may (or may not) be aware, we just closed the nomination period for Forrester's first ever Voice Of The Customer (VoC) Award. So I'm now in the process of grading the submissions with a couple of other analysts. It won't be an easy process, because we received more than 35 excellent nominations. I'll be announcing the winner on the first day of our Customer Experience Forum in New York next month.

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