Database Religions Dissolve into the Big Billowing Virtual Data Cloud

James G. Kobielus By James Kobielus

Virtualization is a venerable old computing concept that has achieved new life in recent years.

Virtualization brings to life a new world of more flexible service provisioning while cleverly emulating the old world that is being replaced. Virtualization refers to any approach that abstracts the external interface from the internal implementation of some service, functionality, or other resource.

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Upcoming Tweetup At Forrester’s IT 2009

On May 18, the night before Forrester’s IT Forum, Forrester will be hosting a Las Vegas Tweetup. Tweetups are low-key social events where Twitterers can network and meet the people they tweet with. Anyone can attend; it is an informal atmosphere that allows casual conversations.

This Tweetup is for anyone who's attending the Forum or lives in the Las Vegas area. There is no charge for attending the Tweetup, so come meet and mingle with a few members from The Social Media Club of Vegas, @rwang0, @coreymathews, @lizherbert, @pleclare, @akarlin, @forrester, and others.

Las Vegas in May? What Could be Better?

Natalie L. Petouhoff, Ph.D. By Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

How about a Forrester Forum in Las Vegas in May. Come on... you need a break! You've been working really hard-- it's only May and it seems like it is September... When will this year be over????

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Experience The Forrester Research Difference At Forrester's IT Forum 2009

Forrester’s IT Forum Tech Innovation Demonstrations are your first glimpse at new and alternative technologies that will provide solutions to your current business needs.  View innovative products and services selected by Forrester analysts that will stretch the boundaries of what you’d previously thought possible. The Tech Innovation Demonstrations will be hosted in the Technology Showcase at The Palazzo Las Vegas.

    Forrester Wave™ Demonstration: Content Security Wave™
    Wednesday, May 20: 12:40–1:00 p.m.
    Thursday, May 21: 1:35–1:55 p.m.
    Presenters: Kyle McNabb, Chenxi Wang

    Forrester TechRadar™ Demonstration: Software-as-a-Service TechRadar™
    Wednesday, May 20: 6:40–7:00 p.m.
    Presenters: Kyle McNabb, Liz Herbert

Theater Presentations
    Wednesday, May 20: 1:00–1:20 p.m.
    Case Study: IT Organizational Assessments In The Real World
    Presenter: Marc Cecere

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Self-Service Business Intelligence Depends On Automated Data Discovery

James G. Kobielus By James Kobielus

If you tuned into my Forrester teleconference yesterday, you heard me discuss the end-to-end infrastructure necessary to fully support mashup-style self-service business intelligence (BI).

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News Analysis: Oracle Waives Fees On Extended Support Offerings

Ray Wang By R "Ray" Wang

Oracle President Charles Phillips pleasantly surprised Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) Collaborate 09 attendees this morning during his keynote with the decision to waive Extended Support fees for a number of product lines through 2010 and 2011. As customers and prospects face one of the worst global economic crises, proactive relief on support and maintenance fees could not come at a better time.

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