June 21 Tweetup In NYC - The Night Before Our CXP Forum

Jon-Browne [Posted by Jonathan Browne]

One of the great crimes of Twitter is the way Twitter users put "TW" at the start of perfectly good words and think it's cool, or ironic, or some combination of the two ...

My colleague: We're having a Tweetup before the Customer Experience Forum in NYC.

Me: Really? I thought that was frowned upon in New York. Haven't you seen The French Connection?

My colleague: Eh? Don't be so obtuse. I said "Tweet Up". It's like "Meet Up" for people who use Twitter and created an entire lingo of words with "TW" at the start, like "Tweeple" for "People" and that sort of thing.

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Teleconference on social media for product teams

Later today, I'm doing a teleconference on how product teams can use social media to make smarter product decisions. The presentation is based on a three-part series I'll soon be publishing on this topic. Click here for details.