Oracle Shakes the Eco-System

Since the announcement of Oracle to acquire Sun Microsystems you can find a lot of thoughts on the web about Oracle’s main motivation behind the deal, the portfolio mapping of the two giants and how Oracle would leverage pieces of the new assets or possibly sell-off some again.

Please read this Forrester Report for more insights.


Oracle continues to assure they are not planning to depart from any of their new assets. If we believe in this mantra the consequences to the whole IT eco-system are severe. It is the first time that a large application vendor expands into the hardware territory and forces us to redefine the traditional view of IT market segmentation – again.


·        Changing IT Markets Force Everyone to Rethink

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How the Oracle/Sun deal makes sense

Ever since the IBM offer to acquire Sun fell through, we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Apparently, we didn't have to wait very long.

Honestly, I'm surprised at the strongly negative tone to many of the responses I've read or heard today. You expect to hear a lot of snarky sniping on Slashdot, but come on, Infoworld, do we really know that Oracle is going to lay off 10,000 Sun employees? (Which is a highly misleading headline, since in the last sentence of that article, you'll discover that Sun was already planning to lay off 6,000 people.)

Every deal has its pros and cons. Since other observerss have been focused on the potential downsides for Oracle, Sun, or their customers, let's leave those aside for the moment. Instead, let's talk about the waysin which this deal make sense.

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