Cablevision Throws Down The Broadband Gauntlet: 101 Mbps Downstream

Yesterday, Cablevision announced the roll-out of its new Optimum Online Ultra broadband service, with speeds of 101 Mbps downstream/15 Mbps upstream for $99.95 without a bundle.  There is a lot to like about this announcement:

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Mobile Applications See More Traffic Than Mobile Web Sites - No Kidding

Social networking is the type of application that lends itself to frequent usage. A high percentage of young adults and teenagers check one or more (but typically one) of their social networking sites more than once a day. Sites that see repeated use are well-suited for applications on cell phones. Any brand or company thinking about high levels of engagement with their customers should probably be considering how applications fit into their mix within their mobile strategy.

FierceMobile Content had this post today:

Social networking giant MySpace reports its mobile usage increased roughly 450 percent in 2008, with users now generating 7 billion mobile page views per month. Speaking here at the Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monte Carlo, MySpace vice president and general manager of mobile operations John Faith added that in the last year, mobile traffic increased from 10 percent of all MySpace traffic to more than 35 percent--moreover, the company anticipates that sometime within the next few years, 50 percent of all users will access MySpace via mobile.

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Why the iPhone presages the end of the TV Remote Control

Headshotxsmall by James McQuivey, Ph.D.

I've spent some time using Verizon's new system for controlling my DVR using the PC. It's an immense time saver. It's being billed as a great way to schedule DVR recordings from the office -- which it can certainly do -- but it's really useful for doing things quickly that normally require tedious hours with the remote control. Things like picking your list of 20 favorite channels from the 599 available channels without scrolling through them all. Or setting your parental controls, or even deleting hours of HD DVR recordings to make room for American Idol, er, I mean, some show much more sophisticated than that.

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How Central Should E&SR Be To Your Product Strategy? Ask Your Customers

Sally-Cohen [posted by Sally M. Cohen]

Last week, we published an important new report about Environmentally & Socially Responsible (E&SR) product strategy, which introduced a framework for parsing different approaches to E&SR consumer products. The Centricity Model Of E&SR Consumer Product Strategy identifies four levels of product strategy, based on how central a role E&SR plays. The approaches range from Level 1, the most explicit -- a flagship "green" product -- to a very implicit Level 4 approach in which consumers may not even recognize a product's socially responsible features.


We see examples of companies approaching E&SR consumer product strategy at each level of the Centricity Model in the market today. What's more, we see companies simultaneously operating at multiple levels by launching flagship products that loudly tout E&SR features while quietly making all products in their portfolios more environmentally responsible.

The model invites self-reflection -- How central is E&SR to my consumer product strategy today? And, more importantly, self-evaluation -- How central should E&SR be to my products tomorrow and beyond?

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Monetizing Social Music: Choosing The Right Product And Services Strategy

Variable Pricing – What Does it Really Mean?

Mark Mulligan[Posted by Mark Mulligan]

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Apple got a rare taste of their own medicine today, as
Amazon gazzumped their variable pricing launch with a price cutting
spoiler.  This is already being viewed as
the opening salvo of a digital music price war, and to some degree it is.   But whereas 18 months ago this would have
been the battle for supremacy of the entire digital music space, now it is just
for the narrower confines of the paid download space.


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What Happens When the Ad Money Doesn’t Go Round?