Universal Shows Media Companies How to Navigate Through a Recession

Mark Mulligan[Posted by Mark Mulligan]

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Does ITV understand what its audiences want?

UK commercial broadcaster ITV’s announcement this
morning that it would be cutting 600 jobs, slashing programming budgets and selling
off a number of its assets, was hardly a surprise. Broadcasters internationally
will recognise the picture: the downturn in advertising revenues, to which ITV
is exposed more than any other UK
broadcaster, has been accelerated by the economic downturn. Current models are
not sustainable and hard decisions have to be made.

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Is Netflix the Biggest Threat to the Cable Industry?

Transacting Value: Portfolio Diversification in Tight Times is A Buffer Against Risk

Ed Kountz [Posted by Ed Kountz]

Since the collapse of Bear Stearns nearly a year ago--the first top-tier brick to crumble in the foundation of the modern US financial services industry --the changes that have hit financial services have been far-reaching and swift.

From Lehman to AIG down to institutions the size of little Integrity Bank (the Alpharatta, GA institution acquired by Regions Financial in Q3 08 after mortgage-related losses consumed its operations) few aspects of the banking and lending industries have been spared.

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Sponsored Conversations: When it’s ok to pay bloggers to post

The subject of pay-for-post blogging has created a lot of heated discussion in the blogosphere. It was especially heated a few months ago when Kmart worked with pay-for-post vendor IZEA to give several prominent bloggers free shopping sprees in exchange for sponsored posts about their stores. Today we published a document titled “Add Sponsored Conversations To Your Toolbox” in which we advise marketers to pay bloggers to post under very specific conditions, a practice we call “sponsored conversation.” The two most important conditions that marketers must follow when using sponsored conversation are 1) sponsorship transparency and 2) blogger authenticity. Sponsorship transparency means that both the marketer and the blogger must make it absolutely clear to the reader community that they are reading paid content – think of Google Adwords “Sponsored Links.” Blogger authenticity means that the blogger should have complete freedom to write in their own voice – even if the content they write about the brand is negative.

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