Why is ABC Dominating Internet TV?

Bobby Tulsiani [Posted by Bobby Tulsiani]

Interesting findings from Nielsen that ABC has 9 of the top 10 shows watched online.  It is interesting that ABC has carved out a dominant position with out being on everybody's favorite TV portal, Hulu, or setting up a vast distribution network (similar to what CBS has put in place).

We have discussed online TV distribution strategies in our report, The Internet Television Value Chain, and would love to hear your feedback on what you think ABC is doing right?  Or what its competitors are doing wrong?

Universal Shows Media Companies How to Navigate Through a Recession

Mark Mulligan[Posted by Mark Mulligan]

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Does ITV understand what its audiences want?

UK commercial broadcaster ITV’s announcement this
morning that it would be cutting 600 jobs, slashing programming budgets and selling
off a number of its assets, was hardly a surprise. Broadcasters internationally
will recognise the picture: the downturn in advertising revenues, to which ITV
is exposed more than any other UK
broadcaster, has been accelerated by the economic downturn. Current models are
not sustainable and hard decisions have to be made.

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Is Netflix the Biggest Threat to the Cable Industry?