Charles Darwin's Assessment Of Application Developers

Charlesdarwin This month marks Charles Darwin's 200th birthday. His classic work, The Origin Of Species, wasn’t much of a hit when it was originally published back in 1859 but no one can argue that the idea of evolution hasn’t changed the world. Survival of the fittest is an elegant explanation of why so many species exist, why some become extinct, and why some flourish. So, what would Charles Darwin have to say about the species that are so affectionately known as application development professionals? Hmmm.

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News Analysis: SAP Launches Business Suite 7 - Transformational Change Or Expensive Repackaging?

  • Synchronized release strategy improves upgrade experience. Product
    families in the Business Suite now use the same "Switch Framework",
    which allows clients to upgrade 4 categories of enhancements that
    include usability, horizontal features, vertical features, and
    composite apps/web services.  This provides one upgrade strategy for
    all products and brings all the releases into synch.  Some clients have
    stated that this helped with reducing the pain of some upgrades.POV: The
    movement to synchronize all releases is a good start.   System
    integrators have traditionally bore the burden of integrating and
    synchronizing the various product families.  Going forward, customers
    will expect usage of a common data model via a revamped MDM approach.
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Monday’s Musings: Master Data Management - Do Styles of MDM Matter Anymore?

Figure 1.  The Three Architectural Styles of Master Data Management

Three Common Styles Of Master Data Management

The bottom line - choose a style that aligns with your project's business driver
While these approaches still exist, leading vendors such as D&B
Purisma, IBM, Initiate Systems, Oracle, Oracle-Siebel, SAS DataFlux,
and Siperian now have offerings in more than one style. This may make
the question seem less relevant, however, its still important to
understand the trade-offs while beginning your MDM journey.  In fact, it's best to align the style and approach based on your business driver.  Here's a high level summary:

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