Sales enablement survey

The vast majority of people who read this blog are undoubtedly involved in some aspect of sales enablement. I'm tempted to add, "Whether you like it or not," but most PMs enjoy that part of the job, even though they might do a little too much of it.

Therefore, we'd be grateful to hear what research we have planned for the future would be most helpful to you, the sales enablers...Er, the PMs who help enable sales. Forrester takes the "Client Choice" channel of communication with the outside world very seriously. We want to keep producing research that answers the most pressing questions on your mind. Click below to state your preferences.

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Blue helmet blues

Saeed's recent post on the triumvirate of Sales, Marketing, and PM contains laudable suggestions for how PM can work better with these other groups. When he starts talking about the rocky relationship between Sales and Marketing, I worry that some hapless PM might read this post and think about playing peacekeeping force between these warring factions.

My frank advice: don't try to be the hero that ends the frictions between these two groups. At some point, they might ask you for help in some project that might help settle their differences. However, as in all troubled relationships, they must want to change for this sort of activity to be worthwhile. PM has enough challenges of its own, and it has little leverage or no over either of these organizations.