Search Engines: A Simple Way To Better Understand Consumers

Brad_strothkamp [Posted by Brad Strothkamp}

A large portion of a Forrester analyst's job is keeping tab on hundreds of different Web sites. During my Web site travels over the years, a few truths have become evident:

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How A "Tiny" Company Is Winning Online

Help Consumers Find Your Best Content Online

Chad Mitchell [Posted by Chad Mitchell]

The Wall Street Journal published a great set of money saving tips on December 31st in the Personal Journal.  It reminded me of examples of other content on the Web helping consumers during the recession. 

eBusiness managers are using the Web to build customer advocacy.  My colleague, Bill Doyle, has written extensively on customer advocacy and its impact on companies during the economic crisis.  Bill’s theory is simple and smart: customer advocacy builds trust and leads to improved customer loyalty. 

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